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General Discussion / Re: text position
THANK YOU!  I saw the Global Modification and thought that was my answer, but could never get the syntax right.  Got it now!  Thanks so much, guys!
General Discussion / text position
I'm new to User Tools.  I'm thrilled to find "Transpose Chords" tool, which transposes all my text chord names.  But sometimes when I transpose a song, I need all the chord names to move 1 or 2 positions higher or lower.  Before I reinvent the wheel, does a user tool exist that would let me input the position I'd like the chord names to end up in?
General Discussion / Re: Same instrument, different sound
Thank you for your replies.

I'm looking at both song files, open in the same more recent editor (version 2.51).  Under "Tools/Options/Midi," both show "Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth" under "Available play devices," and "Microsoft Midi Mapper" under "Devices used by play back."  There are no other options in either box.

Under "Staff/Staff Properties/Midi, the "Playback Device" for both is "Microsoft Midi Mapper," with no other available devices.  The Instrument for both is "Cello," and both are using Send Patch 42.  They're using different Channels, but I don't think that matters.
This has bothered me for some time.  When I first bought Noteworthy MANY years ago, I was blown away by the sound.  It was like an orchestra in my computer room!  We got a new computer and the lovely sound was gone.  I figured it was the fault of the sound card.  But then how is my old file (still saved under the previous version) still giving me the nice sound??!

Very strange!
General Discussion / Same instrument, different sound
I have songs composed in two different Noteworthy versions.  My most recent version is 2.51; I'm sorry, I don't know what the older one is.  I have a beautiful cello sound in a song from the older version.  The cello sound in a recent song using the new Noteworthy version sounds like a tin horn.  I'm playing these both on the same computer, so why do they sound different?  How can I resurrect the lovely older cello sound?