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General Discussion / Re: sharp/flat sign between paranthesis
It's not optional - it's actually a sign to make sure the performer realizes that the flat, sharp, or natural is called for in that particular spot, where it may not otherwise be obvious. It's called a "courtesy accidental." An example would be if there is a sharp note directly before a barline and the same note appears as a natural note directly after the barline. A barline cancels accidentals, so a natural is not technically needed, but the composer may put one in parenthesis to remind the performer that the cancellation has happened.

NWC doesn't do courtesy accidentals natively, but you can insert one as a text object. They are available in the "music dings" fonts in the Pardy Pack, which you can find here.

It's not necessarily optional. Look at "Entre el boeuf et l'âne gris" for example. The tenors have an A in three verses, but in the last verse they sing an A#. So there is a minor final chord in three verses, but a major final chord in verse 4. Happens more often.
General Discussion / Re: I'm having trouble with my repeats etc.
Hi John,

You had a problem similar to mine, and I just posted something in Tips and Tricks.
You may want to look at it, if only for some fun.

Also note that this method goes off the rails if you insert extra double barlines!
Anyway, no more problems with flow directions, I hope.

cheers, Rob.
Tips & Tricks / Repeat Clever Trick revisited
Hello all,

I was struggling with "Mon amant de Saint Jean", which I am putting into Noteworthy and Midi for a French choir.
The structure of the verses, refrain, bridge and coda is:
   B C   E
   B        F

Then, I remembered that I had a Noteworthy file with "repeat" somewhere in its name. "Repeat Clever Trick.nwc," it was called.
It was not quite what I wanted, but the idea was good.
From that, I created another flow-demo, and you will find the clip here. (Another flow from what I described above, but the idea is the same.)
One certain R.G. may have found more ways of doing it, and I will be happy to see if that is the case! Well, here goes Trick.


cheers, Rob
Tips & Tricks / Re: Keyboard malfunctioning in NWC?
There is a keyboard shortcut that changes the layout. It's the combination of Left shift + Left control.

Test: type Shift 56789 (on the upper row). On my keyboard, that gives
Once again, but after having hit Left shift + Left control:
Well, hum. That looks different. Many other keys change definitions. So, if your keyboard does weird things: try Left shift + Left control!

cheers, Rob
General Discussion / Re: Why does my Noteworthy keep crashing?
I had some crashes lately (not specifically Noteworthy) And solved them.
One thing to run is the free program CCleaner. (I sometimes use PowerSuite, but that is not free - unless you bootleg it. I have a yearly subscription.)
Ccleaner can get rid of a whole lot of unwanted items for you. It has been downloaded a billion times (!!!) and is absolutely free of cost or unwanted trouble.

So, my preferred method is always
- Reboot (Reboot, Immer gut)
- Download and run Ccleaner from
- Retry.

Caution: I have speeded up my niece's laptop recently.
That did not seem to work... until I found out that there were over a million temporary files to be detected and deleted!
So, in the odd case of "no response" give Ccleaner time.

cheers, Rob
General Discussion / Re: "A New NWC 3?"
" Yeah, it might be misdirected my aim Richard, i merely mean that a composer should have all the options of musical resourcefulness & physical manifestation at his or her disposal almost god-like but not even massive memory capacity required & i too do not believe in a software that does all the work for you but rather offers a sort of Digital Musical Deus Ex Machina that can do it all do to it's remarkable construction of myriadal yet practical progressive engineering from the basics to the theoretical flexibility(of constant research upgrades of course)."

Sentences. Paragraphs. Interpunction.
Who knows? People might start reading your posts.
General Discussion / Re: "A New NWC 3?"
I copied and pasted the text into my editor, started reformatting - and even then it made no more than half sense.
Especially the second "paragraph" (But forms of systematic ... install in digital space) is complete gobbledygook. Useless.

I get the idea that TS wants different controls, and is very fond of a certain interface. More I cannot say.

Tips & Tricks / Re: Alt+0255 instead of underscore
Alt-255 used to be good fun in the Dos-days.
In modern Dos-boxes it does not work anymore: you could have a file like Holy<alt-255>Cow.txt which showed in the directory as "Holy Cow.txt" - and nobody could find it.
Worse still, a filename could consist of a single Alt-255 - and you would hardly notice it.

But hey, old hat - and a discarded hat, at that.

Having said that, 255 (as the highest possible number in 16 bits) may still serve as a special character, and you have found it.
Alt-0255 is quite different: a 4-digit code denotes a Unicode character.
For instance, Alt-128 is simply a character of the old Dos Ascii-set, whereas Alt-0128 is the Euro-symbol €. Hey.

Well, that's about enough for a side note.
General Discussion / A little problem
Hi folks,

Today I used Eduard van Hengel's site to find the rehearsal Midi's of Bach Cantata Nr 147. The opening part is in 6/4. The beaming is not pretty; it should be in quarters. Two eights, four sixteenths, and eighth and a sixteenth per beam. Unfortunately, the beams were much longer. Well, I can fix that, I thought...
- Mark a staff
- Ctrl-B (now all the beaming is gone)
- Tools, Automatic Beam.
Well, duh. The Extra Long Beams were there again! I had to resort to
- Change the time to 2/4
- Mark a staff
- Ctrl-B to un-beam again
- Tools, Automatic Beam
- Change the time back to 6/4
- View. Refresh - because Noteworthy is now a bit confused.
Repeat for other staves.

So I fixed my little predicament myself, but I was a bit surprised by the behaviour. But OK, I will put it down as a feature, not a bug.
General Discussion / Re: I just found the most amazing feature ...
I had no idea.
For tasks like this, I save my work as .nwctxt and then use a smart text editor to perform repetitive and/of complex tasks. But I can understand that not many are familiar with this approach.
Good for you though - and you may not be the only one with the Lightbulb Moment entitled "Why did I not discover this umpteen years ago?"
General Discussion / Re: Hint
I'm sorry.

Users have requested decent slurs ever since the initial NWC2 beta testing started. I suspect they are the most frequently requested change.  Yet a dozen years later we still have bizarre slurs that call out to be tweaked with workarounds or fixed by exporting the file to another program. 

"The time has come," the Walrus said,"To fix the blessed thing!"

Cabbages and kings say you are absolutely right.
General Discussion / Re: Placement of symbols
Thanks, fixed it.  I thought I'd had it before, but that must have been before I upgraded to 2.5 (done just in the last few days).

Hi Suzanna,
These "code things" have nothing to do with writing code. Here is what you do to get the idea.

Select a bar somewhere in within Noteworthy.
Copy to the clipboard. Use Ctrl-C, Ctrl-Insert or use your mouse.
Now go to Word or Notepad.

What you see now is the equivalent of what you selected in Noteworthy.
The good news is... it also works the other way around! Meaning that if you see something that looks very tricky and clever, like a piece of code, you now know what to do:
Select that bit of "code"
Copy to the clipboard (like above)
Go to Noteworthy
Hey Presto! Try it, it's good fun. Use the examples on this page to find out how the forum-members have been trying to help you.

cheers, Rob.
General Discussion / Re: NWC2STDA font in a table
oh... I see that I could have the variable run from 31 to 160. It adds a few more characters.
Maybe the font was different (less characters defined) when the script was first written.
General Discussion / NWC2STDA font in a table
Hi all,

Today, when rummaging through paper, I found an HTML page with some JavaScript in it.
I added a table for better display. Maybe it's completely useless, but I found it fun.
Create DisplayFont.html with the text below and view in a browser. (And I do not know who the writer of the original is... Anyone?)


<title>The Noteworthy NWC2STDA Font</title>

NWC2STDA font<br><br>

<table border=1>
<script language="javascript">
for (var i=41;i<=150;i++) {
  document.write("<td> &nbsp;" + i + " &#" + i + "; <font face=NWC2STDA size=+4>&#" + i + ";</font> &nbsp;</td>");
    if (!(i % 10))

End of font display.
Instrument Trees / Re: Garritan Personal Orchestra
And what is more: it may be very important that you told me how Noteworthy works in this respect.
I think I can now help a friend who struggles with Finale and Garritan.
(to be continued)
Instrument Trees / Re: Garritan Personal Orchestra
Thanks Rick.
I simply compared an old .nwctxt file to a new one (where I had changed the properties in the Midi tab) and indeed: the difference was no more than Device:0 versus Device:1.

The most important thing (for me) is that Garritan now works. Me is a happy bunny.
Instrument Trees / Re: Garritan Personal Orchestra
Problem solved, many thanks to Barry Graham.

For some reason, MidiYoke failed to install. But there are other ways of having a virtual cable. And I quote:

"Download and install Loopbe1 (Win 7 version at the bottom of the page in this link).

Provides 1 virtual MIDI port (16channels)

Install and reboot.

Open NWC and set Loopbe Internal MIDI as your Playback device.
Open a score and set Loopbe as the Playback device for each staff.

With NWC open - Open Aria Player (wait for it to start)
Under Tools>Preferences set Loopbe as the Input MIDI Device.

On each CHANNEL in Aria Player select a GPO instrument to match the channels set in the NWC score.

Playback from NWC - you should hear the GPO voices.

NWC=>Output (Playback)=>Loopbe=>Input MIDI Device=>Aria Player"

If anyone else would want further clarification, I think I can now supply some.

General Discussion / Re: NWC2 enhancements
I changed the 3's to 6'es in sextuplets using digital whiteout, overlaid with the number 6.
Like so:

|Text|Text:" "|Font:User1|Pos:33|Color:7
|Text|Text:"    6"|Font:User4|Pos:27

where User font 1 is NWC2STDA, size 28, and font 4 is Times, size 8, Italic. Works for me. The positions need to be varied to your needs.
The character of the first Text item is character code 157.
(This is, actually, easier than it looks. ;-) )

Tips & Tricks / Putting the "p" in its proper place
Hi all,
Today I was aligning a "p" for piano, when the thought occurred: Can this be done differently? And it can.


It's all about the invisible grace rest. Without it, the p does not end in its proper place. Moving it to the right with spaces is cumbersome and imprecise.
Enjoy (even if it is an existing little trick.)
General Discussion / Re: Could not find "dotted quarter = quarter" symbol
I could not select the font from within Noteworthy... Ah well, as we say in Mixed Language Style:

"Reboot, immer gut" and Hey Presto! Now I can select the font. Problem solved.
I probably installed Lawrie's fonts while Noteworthy was open, horsed a bit around with NWC-files... Now all is Fine, Dandy & ThenSome.

By the way: which is a good font editor? XP's built-in eudcedit (works in Vista and Windows 7 as well) works, but only on Unicode fonts. Nice to have but no good for Noteworthy.
I am now going to try some SourceForge-stuff, but does anyone have a good recommendation?
General Discussion / Could not find "dotted quarter = quarter" symbol
I thought the Swingdings font had it, but I could not find it there: the little symbol, placed above a system, indicating a tempo change.
In the specific case: dotted quarter equals quarter.
The Swingdings font has a few of these, but is there more, somewhere?
thanks, Rob.

General Discussion / Re: Staff labels struggle (is over)
It's kind of a kludge, and I've never used it, but I've seen many references to "digital white-out" through out this forum. I assume it is done by placing a text "block" character, color white, on top of the area you want to block out. So I bet you could have brackets on both staves, then place white block characters (Xbbbbbbbbb, where X is a block char and b is a space, right justified) on top of the first set of brackets.

Ah, very well then. I never used "digital whiteout" but today it came in very handy. Thanks for reminding me. I am still not Virtuoso, but I am getting someplace!
General Discussion / Re: Staff labels struggle (is over)

I use The Semware Editor. This is the Hyper-De-Luxe, way-evolved variant of QEdit (which was a bit like the built-in editors of Turbo Pascal and dBASE III)
The Semware Editor, or TSE, allows me to write little programs to make quantities of changes in one file - or in a hundred at the time, when I like. It also allows for regular expressions, which is a real treat. I can find all sopranos by looking for {Sopran}|{Soprano}|{Sopraan}, et cetera, without having to code a single line. Wonderful!
General Discussion / Re: Staff labels struggle (is over)
I did look at it, but if I change the top staff to have an orchestral bracket, for instance, the bracket appears left and right of the gap. So I still do not see how to have braces and brackets as shown in the attachment.
General Discussion / Staff gap - what I want, but not quite
Hello all,
I am trying to notate a page. It is too big for attachments in this forum, so I stored it here:
The gap is what I need, but the original has braces and brackets. I cannot (yet) put the brackets after the gap, as the original has it.
I tried combinations of layering and gaps, but so far without success. Does anyone have a working example for me please?
bgrgd, Rob
General Discussion / Staff labels struggle (is over)
Hi all,
I needed to have a two-line staff label. Maybe it has been done before, but this is how I did it.
On screen it is terrible, but preview and print are fine by me.
cheers, Rob.
General Discussion / Re: Bug -- slur over hidden note
You are right (and you might even respond "Hmm, get used to it" with good reason); the reason I would have for somewhat flatter curves is: when you have 2 or 3 lyric lines, the slurs can get in the way. But getting them to start and end at the proper place is more important. Quite so.
Tips & Tricks / Re: Greek & Cyrlic lyrics
I cannot quite follow your instructions in Windows 7. I found Russian fonts, installed them, and tried to select them as user fonts. That did not work.
Going to Regional options (Windows 7) is a bit different, yes) I could add Russian keyboard, but the outcome is still the same. Question marks in NWC2 lyrics.
Er... help?