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General Discussion / Re: Is there any plan to support MusicXML ?
A lot of software can import MIDI and export MusicXML. But if you are writing MIDI to NWC, you know that MIDI does not contain everything needed to do a score.
You can download <a href="">MuseScore</a> to open a midi file, fix the score and export to MusicXML. MuseScore is free, 100%.
User Tools / NWC to MusicXML converter
I decided to work on nwctxt to MusicXML convertor to open the large library of existing nwc scores to other programs.
My very first result is at :

You just input or upload a nwctxt file and get a MusicXML file in return (if it works)
You can open and edit the resulting file with MuseScore MuseScore is free and open source.

See supported features on the webpage