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Hello again, Rick, I've experimented with control staves for the lyrics, and Eureka! It worked.  Amended file attached.  Thanks a lot for your advice.
Thanks again, Rick, I can see that the alto and bass staves have been raised slightly.  I''ll try to experiment with control staves to see if I can compress them even more.
Thanks for your reply, Rick, I'll have a look at the file you mentioned, bu tin the meantime I'm attaching a copy of the file I'm working on, I hope you are able to open it.  As you can see, after the repeat for verses 1 and 2, there's a big space between the S and A staves and between the T and B staves.  These are what I wanted to reduce, if that's possible.
Hello.  I've been trying to change staff boundaries half way through a choral piece because for the first half there are two lyric lines and for the last part only one.  I've got the lyrics between the sop and alto staves, and between the tenor and bass staves, so I've been trying to reduce the upper limit of the alto, and the upper limit of the bass staves after the end of the two lyrics part.  I've followed Richard's notes (29/12/09 How to use some of the new features of V. 2.5) on the piece called 'Rose' and it worked fine on that, but when I tried to do the same on my piece, nothing happened.  I can't work out what I'm doing wrong.  I'd be very grateful for any help anyone can offer.  Thanks.
Thanks Lawrie, I'll give it a try, and maybe bassoon for the tenor and bass.
Thanks, Mike and William,  yes, I tried the pedal-down, but as you say, William, it didn't make the note last any longer.  Thanks for your help, anyway.
Thanks William, the reason I was asking is that I make part-enhanced practice midifiles for our choir, and I've found that members like piano as the instrument playing the notes, so I was wondering if there was some way of making the long notes sustain.  Now I know there is no way, I'll have to change the instrument.  Thanks again for your help.
Hello, can anyone tell me, please, if there's a way of making the volume sustain when you have a series of tied semibreves, for example, when the instrument is the piano?
Thanks, in advance for any advice.
Sorry, thank, too, to Rick and Haymo, I read Warren's solution before I realised that you had also offered one.  Thanks for your help, too, this forum is so useful!
Amazing!  Very many thanks, Warren, it worked a treat!  I must study your macro to try to understand how it works.
Thanks again for your help.
Thanks Phil, I'll give it a try.  Never done this before so not quite sure about regular expressions.  Also, if and when I manage to make the changes, do I then save it with the nwc extension?
Can anyone help, please? Quite often I want to change parts of an nwc score which I've found on the www, where the person has used two dotted semiquavers and a semiquaver to represent a triplet, and I want to change it to a triplet.  Is there a quick way to search for a succession of notes such as this, maybe by using some sort of macro?
Thanks, in advance for any help.
Hello again, MusicJohn,
At last have completed the input, if you let me have your email address I'll send you a copy.  Please note it does not include dynamics, dynamic variations, etc., or words, just the bare bones which I use in making the part-enhanced midis.
Thanks, Haymo, but can't afford $160, times are hard.
That's very kind of you, MusicJohn, but the copy is on hire and I can't take the chance of it getting lost in the post. Many thanks for the offer anyway, and if I do manage to get it all done I'll send you a copy.
Hello folks,
Can anyone help me find a midi or nwc of this work, please?  It's also known as Song of the Most Holy Theotokos, and is Opus 93.  Our choir is learning it and I'm making learning aids in the form of part-enhanced midis, but I'm trying to avoid having to input the whole thing manually - it's rather large!  Many thanks in advance for any help anyone can give.
Wonderful!  Many thanks, Richard, I've done this before using a much more cumbersome method, so this is a godsend.
Many thanks, Lawrie, once more, and to 'fathafluff', and of course to Richard Woodruff.  I shall definitely try both methods.  What a great forum this is, and so quick to get help!  Amazing!
Hello, Could someone tell me, please, if it's possible to insert a block of text, e.g. a translation of the lyrics of a song, beneath the final system of the song, and if so, how it's done?  Thanks.
Yippeee!!  It works!!!  Thanks Rick, I installed the Cenral European font (from (sixth one down)) and now I can get all the ones I need , the ă using Alt+0227, t cedilla using Alt+0254, ş using Alt+0186, and the 'a circumflex' using Alt+0226.  Problem solved!  It has lots of other special characters which I haven't seen in other fonts. Thanks too, to Lawry and everyone who replied.  What a great place this is!
Hello Lawrie,
Thanks for your reply,
Ah!  I didn't try the Alt 0184 with the TextEuro font, I'll give that a go, thanks.
(a and b) yes, I do know how to install fonts, and I've run your executable, and all the fonts in your PardyPack are present in the Windows Fonts directory.
(c) I'm assuming you're referring to changing the fonts in the Page Setup.  If this is the case, yes, I know how to do that, but if you're referring to something else, no, I don't.
Me again, sorry, just tried the s followed by Alt + 0184, but the ',' didn't appear under the s.  Tried formatting the two outside Noteworthy by condensing the space between them but it wouldn't get close enough.  Any suggestions, please?
Hello everyone,
Many thanks for all the advice, I've downloaded and installed the Pardypack - thanks Lawrie - and followed the instructions you gave about which fonts to use, but it still doesn't work.  Perhaps I'm still doing something wrong, but when I used 'Typecase' to look at what's in the MusicTextEuroSerif.ttf font, there is no occurrence of the ă or the ş, and you've already mentioned the ț.  I can get around the sedilla problems with the s and t using Alt + 0184, but can't see how to get around the ă.
Thanks again for all your advice, I shall return in the hope that someone can come up with an answer.
Thanks for the reply.  I've tried that.  I have the text in an Open Office document, which I highlighted, copied, pasted into the lyrics window of the staff in Noteworthy, and changed the lyrics font to Tahoma, which was the font used in the OO document, but the special characters don't show. They just show as ordinary characters or as '?' in the case of the 't'.
Hi, I'm trying to enter the following text into the lyrics of this carol.  It's in Tahoma at the moment, but when I paste it into the lyrics box and ok it, it doesn't show the special characters, and the t of Domnulet comes up as a query mark.  Can anyone tell me how to make it display properly, please?  Thanks.

1.Ma-rei sea-ră de-a-stă sea-ră. Dom-nu-leț şi Domn din cer. Si nui sea-ra de-a-stă sea-ră. Dom-nu-leț şi Domn din cer. Ci e sea-ră lui Cră-ciun, Lui Cră-ciun ce-lui bat-rân. Când sa nă-scut Fi-ul sfânt, Fi-ul sfânt pea-cest pă-mânt. Noi um-blăm si co-lin dăm. Dom-nu-leț şi Domn din cer. Ce-stor fe-te ne'-nch'i-năm. Dom-nu-leț şi Domn din cer. Domn din cer.
User Tools / Re: Change Clef
Bloomin' marvellous!!  Took me a bit of time to install it as I'm not well up on scripts, but finally managed it and it works perfectly.  Thank you!!
If you want to add a dotted slur between 2 or more notes, it's quite easy using a font I've created.  The font was created using Corel Draw and simply consists of a series of dots at different heights which replace the lower case characters a to k.  To create the dotted slur simply place the cursor to the left of the last note in the group to be slurred, at the height at which you want the dotted slur to appear, hit x for text entry, select the dots you want, e.g. 'abba' for 2 notes at the same pitch, or 'acdd' for ascending notes, select 'right justified', and 'at next note/bar' for alignment (you may have to use different settings depending on the notes).  In Page Set Up, put the font in 'User 1' font, and select a font size.  I've found that 9 or 10 point works best most of the time.  Use the Print Preview to see whether it looks right because it sometimes looks too short in the entry mode.  I was going to attach a sample, but as I'm not allowed to attach the font to this posting, you wouldn't be able to see the result without the font.  Please mail me if you'd like a copy of the font and a sample using this method.
Many thanks for your confirmation.
Can anyone help with this, please?  In a version of the Sussex Carol there are places in the score where there's a different time sig. on the S/A stave (3/4) to that on the T/B stave (9/8) directly beneath it.  On the printed score the bar lines are aligned vertically.  Is it possible to make this happen in Noteworthy?  Try as I might, I've failed miserably.  It doesn't seem logically possible, but if anyone knows a way of doing it, I'd be very grateful.
Ooops!!  Yes, underscore. Always getting those mixed up.  And yes, Google is amazing!  I think this is the first time I failed to find something, but as you showed, it was there all the time, waiting for some underscores!
Many thanks, once more, Rick,
I'm very grateful.  I must try using hyphens next time I'm searching, I never thought of that before.
Many thanks, Rick,
I'm really grateful to you for your help.  Now I can get on with preparing the files.  As a matter of interest, how did you find the files?  I tried on google, but maybe I put the wrong search criteria.
[glow=red,2,300]Please[/glow] has anyone got a nwc file of Antonio Caldara's Stabat Mater?  I've completely failed to find it on the www.  Our choir's doing it and I want to prepare some part-enhanced files for practice purposes.  [glow=red,2,300]Many thanks![/glow]
Hello again, all,

I've tried the "parts" user tool.  It's great!  I never cease to marvel at what NWC can do!  The only problem with this tool can be if one of the lower voice parts goes above a higher part as sometimes happens, eg alto going above soprano, but apart from that, a very useful tool.
I've now been lucky enough to be given the midi files with the voices on separate staves, so I'll try to upload them onto the scriptorium - never tried that before, either!  Another thing I discovered which I didn't think was possible - the midi files somehow had the words built into the file, so that when I opened them in NWC, the words were there!  Amazing!  Does anyone know how words can be put into midi files?
Best regards,
Perhaps this:

Good tip, Tony. Previously, I googled: hummel+missa+mid, but didn't consider: hummel+missa+zip

Many thanks, Rick,

This was the file I found with all the voice parts on two staves.  I'm going to try the "parts" tool as suggested.  Thanks to everyone for thier advice, this is a great community!!

Is this link of any use?


Many thanks, Tony,
Unfortunately the files in the zip files on th site you listed were .MUS files, which I can't open with nwc.  I'm very grateful for your help, anyway.
Happy New Year!
If you already have a midi with all the parts on one stave, you could just use the "Parts" user tool to separate that staff out (copy the staff on to the number of staves that you need, then run the user tool on each staff until only the required part remains)

Many thanks for your advice.  I've never used the "parts" user tool, but will have a go today.  Sorry for the delay in replying.
Happy New Year!
Anyone out there know of NWC files or midi files of the movements of this Mass, please?  I can't find nwc or midi on the www, except for a midi which has all the voices on one stave.  I need it for making practice cds for our choir who are performing it next year.  Any help would be very much appreciated.