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General Discussion / Re: Switching Clef?
The user tool you need is:


but this old duffer does not remember how to attach the file to the message.

Nor how to give you concise instructions to install it in Noteworthy.

I do hope somebody else will help where I'm failing

The above is the link to the information which I could not supply.
After using Clef_Change, you may have to use:  Tools --> Audit ---> Note Stems
and because the positions of the notes will have changed, you may have to adjust the positions of dynamics, etc.

General Discussion / Re: Share with Finale or Sibelius
From a reply (about 3 years ago)  by Nicolas Hatier, author of an external convertor,
which requires that you submit your NWC file in NWCTXT format,
(other conditions are also displayed eg. max file size now 10MB).

In the past, I used the convertor frequently to convert output from Sharpeye's  XML to Noteworthy
(this was the original version which could only convert one way).
I have NOT used it recently.
The present tool capable of handling both XML  and compressed XML  select TOOLS select MusicXML<->Noteworthy 
General Discussion / Re: Not able to save songs
Are you using a registered version of Noteworthy Composer?
The message looks to me as if it could have been generated by a demo version,
which could lock you out from further use of the program.
General Discussion / Re: A way to prevent system break?
Something which also might help, is  to reduce  margins in
 File > page setup > margins > inside and/or outside edge.

Remember: In portrait layout, "Letter" is wider than "A4", which might just help.

General Discussion / Re: Computer playback
My guess is that (at least) one of the voices is a transposing instrument and the
transposition has not been applied correctly.
(This would always affect playback of the same piece.)

Please submit a sample *.nwc file which has the problem.

There are many who could help you to sort it out.
General Discussion / Re: A way to prevent system break?
What I've been using, are user tools which Rick provided some years ago.
These have been a great help to me, and it astonishes me that they have not been used extensively in the NWC community.

rg_ZapSpacers.php to remove spacers (by default from a whole staff, or from your selection).

Of the second tool, to place multiple spacers (again by default on a whole staff, or a selection),
I've mislaid the parent version,
but am attaching some of my copies, in which I've changed the parameter in the php coding.

With the samples available, it should be easy enough to  set up whatever other you may require.

With these tools, it is a breeze to install and/or remove spacers many times,
to try to achieve your goal.
Unfortunately, the goal isn't always achievable..........
General Discussion / Re: From PDF score to NWC file
A heretic answer:

1. MUSESCORE (free) is capable off reading (some forms of) PDF and converting directly into its own music notation.
2. Save to .MXL (or .XML) and
3. Use Niversoft (explained above) to translate to  NWCTxt.
"The resulting MusicXML file can be dragged to
 which will convert it to a Noteworthy Text file.
The Noteworthy Text file can be downloaded and opened in NWC for editing and further processing."

General Discussion / Re: From PDF score to NWC file
A heretic answer:

1. MUSESCORE (free) is capable off reading (some forms of) PDF and converting directly into its own music notation.
2. Save to .MXL (or .XML) and
3. Use Niversoft (explained above) to translate to  NWCTxt.
General Discussion / Re: Clef transposition
Quote: There is also kbsc_Clef_Change.php by K.B.S. Creer.

This is a very usefull tool, as it allows you to change clefs as well as octave up or octave down

General Discussion / Re: Is there a way to change all "best fit" to "at next note or bar"
2016-04-30: I'm using NWC 2.75  which is a GREAT improvement on the previous versions

(Previous versions, using their "User Starter kits", can also use adp_GlobalMod).

The basic kit of user tools for NWC 2.75 can be downloaded from:

To set up adp_GlobalMod for the above example:

This example assumes that the bowings (and ONLY the bowings) use the User1 font.

1. For testing purposes, make a copy of a staff containing the bowing markings
and use the copy for the following steps.
2. Type ALT + F8, This opens the UserTools window
3. If this is the first time that you are adding a user tool,
    in the GROUP window, type a name for your tool(s) (in my case "Haymo"
4. left click on NEW, which then displays the User Tool Description window
5. The Group name will be filled in automatically,
6. In the Name block, type in the name for the new tool ,
    for example Bowing_User1_AtNextNote
7. In the Command block, type in (or copy and paste), all in one line:

php\php.exe scripts\adp_GlobalMod.php Text,Font==User1 Placement=AtNextNote

8. For Input Type, leave Clip Text as selected.
9. DO NOT select any of the Options
10. Click OK
11. In  the UserTools window, left click Run

Job done, and you have a tool which can serve you for a long, long time.
General Discussion / Re: Is there a way to change all "best fit" to "at next note or bar"
Yes there is!
(What follows, may look complicated, but man, it can save you very much time and effort once you use these user tools)

(Will some kind person please expand on my bare-bones explanation,)

If you are using one of the "User" fonts EXCLUSIVELY  for the markings, then


is the user tool to use.
It can do the job for a whole staff of hundreds of measures,
(or a selection)
in a couple of seconds,

If the markings (and ONLY the markings) all use User1 font:

Name for tool, say: Bowings_AtNextNote

Instructions ALL in one line, :

php\php.exe Scripts\adp_GlobalMod.php Text,Font==User1 Visibility=Default Text,Font==User1 Placement=AtNextNote

If there are other items also using user1, it will be necessary to specify the individual characters whose properties have to be changed
Object Plugins / Re: ConcertPitch.fso (version 1.0)
Two observations:

"19th Century Old Philharmonic Pitch → A=452Hz" ???
452Hz seems highly unlikely. Maybe 425HZ ?

".fso" looks like the file extension of a language.
If it's intended to identify the author, may I suggest  naming it:
(This would be in the same style as many "rg_....." )
General Discussion / Re: Why does my Noteworthy keep crashing?

Contrary to Haymo's recommendation, DO NOT DEFRAG an SSD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not sure where he gets the 18% free space figure from, but it's close to the absolute MINIMUM figure I use which is 20% - I prefer 50% where reasonable...
Thank you very much for the warning.
This 84 year old has not yet used SSDs in his PC.
General Discussion / Re: Why does my Noteworthy keep crashing?
some other things which may be totally obvious, but worth looking at:
1. Is the "recycle bin" (or whatever it is called in W7) empty?
2.1 Is there  at very least 18% (preferably more)  free space on the C: drive?

2.2 If your answer to 2.1 is "YES":  Have you recently defragged the C: drive?
If the C: drive has not enough free space,
first clear space by archiving / backing up / deleting  before trying to defrag C:

Please see the warning NOT to defrag any SSD
General Discussion / Re: from 6/8 to C (C in brackets)
I would have expected to be able to insert the courtesy symbols as text,
by selecting Staff CUE symbols as font and from its
character map  selecting symbols, which show as (B) in the editor.

Unhappily, this comes out  with the C much higher than the brackets in NWC 2.51a

In NWC2.75beta28 when using  Staff symbols as font, and  (D) in the editor, there is the same problem.

I think this is a BUG.
General Discussion / Re: compress the spaces
Here's my tuppence worth:
An approach to saving space, is to automatically insert spacers in a selection or a whole staff.
In a score of multiple staves, it's often also necessary to apply spacers in staves above and/or below
to obtain best results.

1. I've found rg_Squash.php by Rick very useful,
    as it can squash a whole staff or a selection to the utmost.
    It can be found at:

2. Together with the essential companion rg_ZapSpacers.php
    to be found at:
    which allows you to remove all spacers from a staff or selection.
3.  As I'm rather lazy (and not much of a programmer),
    I've made up a selection tools for the spacers which I normally use.
    (With apologies to Rick).
    As a sample, I've attached rg_Squash_0.75.php

With these tools available, it's fun to quickly experiment to find the best layout.

User Tools / Re: Courtesy Accidentals
Thank you Opagust for the tools and extensive instructions.

The following needs a bit of correction:

- Save as’ in YourScriptFolder
General Discussion / Re: Recording
An alternative, where you use the sound quality (MIDI or whatever) which is available on you PC/Laptop,
all on your own PC/Laptop, no time constraints:
 * Install (free) AUDACITY, plus (free) plug-ins including LAME (which allows you to convert Audacity's output to MP3),
 * Start AUDACITY recording
 * Start your song (in NWC, or whatever)  - - this may require some trial and error till you've got the levels, etc., right.
(* Save as AUDACITY project, if that's the way you work.)
 * Snip-off unnecessary silences at beginning and end
 * Export to MP3.
 * Burn to CD / DVD.
General Discussion / Re: simple notations
Please attach a sample NWC file (or portion).
If it is possible to do what you're asking for, a definite sample will make explaining much easier.
Possibly Rick can show you a trick how to do it with layered staves (display without slurs / ties, and using hidden playback).

(For projection, one usually has to make the font quite large and reduce the number of bars in each "line".
Very much depends upon how far the furthest viewer will be and/or the quality of the viewers' vision,
as well as contrast, colour, brightness and font used.)

Hope this helps a bit.

General Discussion / Re: Plea for a more prominent glyph
Rick, thanks for the re-visit.
In version NWC 2.51a things do look and print better on my HP LaserJet P1102.

At the risk of being labled "excessively picky":
I would love to see the "V" of the up bow as thick as the two "legs" of the down bow.
General Discussion / Re: wrong repeat
You should also adjust the properties of the 1st ending's 2nd bar to:
"Continue prior ending"
"Closed ending."

remove the
"closed ending" in front of the 2nd ending,
as shown in
General Discussion / Re: In a repeated section, how can I make Sop. & Alto sound first time & T,B 2nd?
Bill Denholm's solution below is FAR more elegant!

If the choir is only going to use printed copies (and no form of playback themselves),

I would use hidden, sounding staves, fully written out, where muting and/or playing is set as required
and muted staves for printing and display.

This will make a mess of the bar numbers in the  hidden, sounding staves,
where one would have to manually repeat the original bar numbers.
User Tools / Re: Compound Auto-beam
Welcome back, it's been a long time!

Please supply a sample of the problem - and which version of NWC  you now are using,
so the clever people can try to help you
and I can learn what Compound Auto-Beam is.)
General Discussion / Re: connecting 8th notes, stems up and down on the same staff
If your music is at present:


then you have to set it up:

Treble (for stem up) - I would call this S (for soprano), for which you must select: "Layer with next staff"
and create the new staff directly below S (for stem down) - I would call this A (for Alto)

For A:  From the start, copy everything which is the same for  S and A into A then enter the down stem measures of A .... and repeat this procedure if there are more occurrences.

Alternatively: For all the measures where S and A have the same notes,
add hidden full measure rests in A.
After the last (or only) occurence where S  and A play different notes and if there are no repeats involved,
you can stop entry of data for A, provided the properties for this staff are set to: Ending bar: Open
General Discussion / Re: Noteworthy Newsgroup
thanks for the info -
I validated my NWC 1.75b disk - but that was it - I only got a report back in connection with my order of 2004.
Validating my NWC 2.5 disk - DITTO for my 2012 order.

I've requested help from NWC Support.
General Discussion / Re: Noteworthy Newsgroup
Hi Warren,
for an old fogey, who hasn't visited the Noteworthy Newsgroup for years,
please spell out in detail,  which disk you used and
how you validated your installation disk
to get your user name and password

The latest disk which I have, is V2.5, and I'm using NWC V2.51
(I started using NWC when it still was distributed on stiffy,
and my NWC 1.75b disk does show an Authenticity ID)

General Discussion / Re: My playback has gone all dissonant!
My guesses  are:
Either the Clar staff has been transposed -4 (or anything but not -2)
if the staff is transposed by -2, the check for "update staff playback transposition" is should NOT be checked.

The source had already been transposed from G to A, so it has to sound 2 semitones lower than written.
General Discussion / Re: printing error
For people who have not yet attached a file to a post on this forum:

If you are registered here:
When you start typing in this frame,
Additional Options... is displayed to the bottom left. If you click on it,
further options are displayed, including Attach: and to the right of it Browse
clicking on Browse allows you to browse on your PC / Laptop to the file which you want to attach, click on the name of that file on your PC, and it will be attached to your posting on this forum.
Provided it abides by the conditions stipulated directly below the word Browse.

To add another file (or files), click on (more attachments), up to the limits allowed.
General Discussion / Re: printing error
This is VERY strange, and the first time that I've heard of such an error in NWC.
For forum members to try to help you. please supply more information:
1. If at all possible, post the music (at least the sections in which the errors occur),  to the forum.
2. Which version of NWC do you use?
3. Do the errors occur at the same place, i.e. are the errors repeatable?
4. Which printer do you use, how old is it and has the printer done very hard work ?
5. Are the printer drivers up to date?
6. Have you tried un- and re-plugging all the printer cables?
7. Do you get any printing errors on any other work?

Best of luck in trying to cure this problem.

8. Have you recently installed new software?
9. Which operating system do you use, eg, XP, Vista, 7, 8 .... ?
10. ............ (Other forum members probably can think of many more questions to ask)

General Discussion / Re: Numbers no longer change the duration of notes
Aunt Betty,
In my experience, you probably accidentally UNchecked Num Lock on your keyboard.
The keyboard then reverts to what the PCs were around 1980, when there were no dedicated arrow buttons
and the numeric keypad had to do double duty.
On my keyboard, a sure give-away is the Num Lock light not shining.
General Discussion / Re: Song templates in 2.51
A: I fully concur with the idea to place my valuable items in an area where I have full control,
and not in C:\Program Files\....

B: In NWC 2.51:
The same goes for the "dynamics" buttons which have also disappeared.

This is where I find the keyboard shortcut d VERY handy:
1. Just type the d,
2. you get the full set of dynamics displayed
3. click on your choice
and (it seems to me by default) NWC places it at (approx) -8 position,
without you having to worry about the vertical position of the cursor.

I hope the same scheme applies to dynamic variation y,
as well as other items which you can call up with keyboard shortcuts.