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As luck would have it, we happened to have a couple of demo Chromebooks from Dell at work, so I decided to give Crossover a spin. I needed to get up to speed on the latest in Chromebook land anyway.

Getting NoteWorthy Composer up and running in Crossover was pretty slick. I just had to select it from the catalog and click through the installation process. There doesn't seem to be MIDI support, but I was able to use a sound font with the viewer. I didn't want to do too much experimentation on the clock, so I didn't try to get a soft synth working with NWC. However, Chromebooks aren't particularly good at sound, and the sound font playback stuttered quite a bit.

I also noticed that Chromebooks can run Linux now, too. They always could, but it used to require turning off some of the security. Now there's a Google-sanctioned way of running it. So it should be possible to install Wine and Timidity in the Linux environment (see here: ).

Both of these options require Intel Chromebooks. The Crossover route requires a Chromebook that supports Android apps ( ). Both of these options also require a substantial amount of storage space, so if you do go the Chromebook route, I'd recommend getting more than the base 16GB of storage.

I hope that helps!
Avant-garde / Re: Random Chord Generator
will probably turn to linux first...

Yes, join us over here! It's so nice without antivirus!
My piano teacher always said that you beam according to the beat. So in 4/4, you should get eight pairs ... unless you feel it in 2. Then you'd get four of them together. Seems like a good rule of thumb to me. But I don't have any official source to back that up!
I suspect some of the problem is a wine issue rather than a NWC one.

What version of Wine are you on? That might make a difference.
According to this thread --> <-- you want to use application/x-nwc
Well OK, you win. I've hacked together this little script

Code: [Select · Download]
killall timidity
timidity -iA &
env WINEPREFIX="/home/fjb/.wine" wine C:\\windows\\command\\start.exe /Unix "/home/fjb/.wine/dosdevices/c:/Program Files (x86)/Noteworthy Software/NoteWorthy Composer 2/NWC2.exe"

The first line makes sure that we don't end up with multiple timidity process, since I can't figure out how to close timidity when the program exits.

The second line runs timidity and sends it to the background so that we can move on to the next line.

And of course, the 3rd has some Francis-specific path names.
the shortcuts on Linux mint are much like on windows, where you get a one-liner for everything. I don't see any obvious way of running timidity first. But then again, I'm not up to a lot of fooling - it works, so I'm happy :-)
Hey! I'm on Linux Mint 19, too. Didn't realize that 19.1 was out ... better get on that. Anyway, that's what I have to do, too. I have a file on my desktop that just has that one line in it. I run that and then open NoteWorthy Composer. When I'm done I close NWC and then close my terminal window.
Absolutely hilarious! Thanks for sharing.
General Discussion / Re: Support???
It appears that the NoteWorthy Composer Facebook page is still active, so I wouldn't be too worried about the program disappearing just yet. I would hope that Eric would open source NoteWorthy Composer when if he ever lost interest in it. There seem to be a few of us that can program, and we could help the program limp along as new Windows versions require changes.
Object Plugins / Re: CueStaff.test (0.4)
Thank you for this effort! I know it will come in handy one day.
General Discussion / Re: An idea
@hmmueller - I wasn't so much thinking of wiki software for its collaborative nature but more for the way it structures the articles. You get a lot of nice stuff on WikiMedia, such as table of contents generation, easy links to other articles, and a robust search engine. No one is saying you need to actually have more than one user, and you certainly don't need to make the front page as complicated as Wikipedia.

But if you have a vision for how to make it work on some other platform, please don't let me stand in your way. I bow down to anyone actually willing to write documentation, as it's the thing I like least about the IT world!
General Discussion / Re: An idea
I think this will be a great contribution and however you approach it, I'm sure the result will be very helpful.

I'm wondering if you've considered building it on the MediaWiki software. It seems to work well enough for Audacity:
It would certainly be nice to have. But I admit that I wouldn't use it frequently. Thank you both for your plug-in work!
One trick that may be useful to you is Google Drive. If you upload a new file with the same name as an existing file, Google Drive's default behavior is to assume that it's a new version. You can go back to the other versions at any time, but you see only the latest cluttering up your folder.
Just a guess, but I think XP probably stopped getting the list of updated certificate authorities awhile ago. If NWS recently updated their certificates for the sever in question, perhaps XP doesn't trust it? I'm several hundred miles from my install of NWC at the moment, so I'm afraid I can't test.
General Discussion / Re: Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas!
General Discussion / Re: Hyphenation
lol Rose in June, of course!
General Discussion / Re: Hyphenation
That's great!  But what song has "recline" in its lyrics?! :-)
Gentlemen, thank you for your feedback.  I'm glad to know that it's not just isolated to a single setup.  I have access to a virtual Windows lab at my college, so I can always render the final NWC file there if I have to.  If I feel so motivated, I might try to write an algorithm that generates the dashed line by using many small solid ones, but I think that requires using some parts of Math that I didn't particularly enjoy :-).

I'll also see if I can convince the Mac to leave the output at the PS stage and see if the slur renders properly in GSView.  I guess I could also export to EMF as well.

Have a great weekend!
I needed a couple of dashed slurs, so I used  Everything looks great in the editor and in Print Preview, but when I print to PDF, I get solid lines.  I'm running NWC on my Mac -- I'm wondering if this is a Wine thing.  Can anyone on Mac or Linux confirm?
User Tools / Re: Colouring Tools
> Changing notes that are on the black keys is a little more challenging and will require a tool that can take into account the clef, the key signature and any accidentals that may apply.

Presumably there aren't that many unique notes that need to be red.  Rather than spend the time to write a tool to take all of that into account, couldn't you just run Global_Mod for, for example, all of the F's and then clean up the outliers manually?  I'm afraid I can't play with this at the moment, but that would be my approach.
General Discussion / Re: Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas .. right on the dot!
Other thoughts:

  • Perhaps there's an issue with the fonts that NWC uses (either the main one or Lawrie's).  Maybe you can try uninstalling and reinstalling them?
  • Could it be an issue with the default printer?  Try making PDF Creator or some such the default printer and see how NWC likes that.
firstly, while melismata is correct about running multiple AntiMalware, IIRC Malwarebytes is a non-resident scan on demand tool only so shouldn't be part of the problem.

If you're running the paid version or a free trial of the paid version, then it is indeed a resident scanner.  I ran into this on a friend's machine that was "running slow."  She'd accidentally agreed to a free trial and was also running Microsoft Security Essentials.
Have you tried a fresh Firefox profile?
Are you using any Add-ons with Firefox, such as Adblock Plus that would alter the scripts on the page?  You might be able to see what's going on by opening the developer tools (F12) and looking at the network tab.
Would it help if you could tear them off as their own palettes a la what The Gimp does?

I personally don't ever use the toolbars, so my reaction to selectors was "Huh? ... well, whatever", but I understand that not everyone wants to adopt all of the keyboard shortcuts.
I wouldn't worry about it, Susanna.  NoteWorthy Composer will be fine with just the correct suffix. And if you ever want to edit them, you'll be able to by just a double click.
General Discussion / Re: Master staff
Rich, as a compromise, maybe you could make a valid referrer.
I found that clip absolutely hilarious, Lawrie.  Thanks for sharing!
and some are just rather odd in spite of the hours they keep. :-D
I'm happy to assist anyone using WineBottler -- I'm not affiliated with Noteworthy Software or the WineBottler folks; I just think it's a fine solution to running NWC on the Mac because it creates a double-clickable Mac app that you can treat like a normal application and it doesn't use the resources that a full install of Windows would.
Technology can do a lot of cool things these days.  Not only are there machines as you describe, but other equipment allows you to just tap to the beat to get a whole orchestra.  To me, I still prefer the experience of live musicians (even with a few mistakes!), especially in a church setting.  I mean, the pastor could prerecord a sermon as well, but instead it's (most of the time) given live.

Certainly, if the choice is between no music and a backing track from NWC, I'd pick the backing track.  But I just don't think it's a reason not to hire a musician.  Of course, I just came back from cantoring the Sunday Mass, so you can tell my bias.
Love it :-)

And you're way better at drawing than I am!
General Discussion / Re: I've had it!
FWIW, our community band just played some music transcribed with, as you say, "brand S."  There were approximately 20 odd-looking characters scattered about one of the pieces, so clearly the font problem is not limited to NoteWorthy Composer.

I think NWC is slowly evolving to include more and more symbols in its own font, and that should help with pieces that you arrange or write for your groups.  The files in the scriptorium aren't really supposed to be distributed like that anyway.  (At least not without permission.)
I would second the request for the boundary object to also support "unlayering."  It would be different if you could have staves come in and out in playback, but as it is, if I want the tenors separated for two bars, I have to add a whole 'nother line (which on screen is measure upon measure of rest) just to get to the part of the music where the tenors have their own line to follow.
Greetings, Catsby.  Welcome to the forum!

You are correct that layering would have been the best choice for creating the SATB file that you have.  However, you do have several options:

1. Explore workarounds for the parts that need fixing.  For example, the construct that you complain about can be fixed like this:
Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]

What I've done here is helped NWC out by chording the soprano part with an eighth rest instead of the eighth note.  The rest is then hidden and the eighth note placed after that.  The deal here is that NWC essentially sees chords as just a note of the smallest duration within the chord.  Once you know that, you can usually use some combination of RestChords with hidden rests to achieve the correct notation.

2. Use layering to just fix the parts that you want.  Provided that you don't want to assign different instruments or pan to the different voices that are on the same staves, nothing is stopping you from copying the entire staff onto a new one, turning on layering, and then just fixing the areas that need fixing.  For good measure, you can mute the duplicate notes.

3. Use the Parts user tool (part of the starter kit, available here: ) to try and create separate Soprano and Alto parts so that the music can be layered as intended.

I hope that makes sense.  Once again, welcome!
General Discussion / Re: Glissando
Nice, Rick!  I never thought of muted, stemless (errr ... stem 1), headless grace notes.  Obviously, the lines are too thick this way, but it looks presentable enough for my needs!  On to page three of the manuscript!
General Discussion / Re: Glissando
I'm also having trouble with glissandi right now.  If anyone has any method of making a decent-looking slide (I don't care how it sounds!) in the file below among all voices, please spill the beans.  A single "g" from Boxmarks looks pretty laughable to me, but I don't know what else to do.

Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
|SongInfo|Title:""|Author:"<Name>"|Lyricist:""|Copyright1:"Copyright © 2012 <Name>"|Copyright2:"All Rights Reserved"
|Font|Style:StaffItalic|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:12|Bold:Y|Italic:Y|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:StaffBold|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:10|Bold:Y|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:StaffLyric|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:11|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:PageTitleText|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:24|Bold:Y|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:PageText|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:12|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:PageSmallText|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:User1|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:User2|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:User3|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:User4|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:User5|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:User6|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|StaffProperties|EndingBar:Section Close|Visible:Y|BoundaryTop:12|BoundaryBottom:15|Lines:5|WithNextStaff:Bracket,Layer|Color:Default
|Lyrics|Placement:Bottom|Align:Standard Rules|Offset:0|UnderscoreAsSpace:N
|Lyric1|Text:"said to the lev-ee, and\r\nJoin that shuf-fle-in\' throng\r\n"
|Text|Text:"slide here!"|Font:StaffItalic|Pos:6|Justify:Right
|StaffProperties|EndingBar:Section Close|Visible:Y|BoundaryTop:10|BoundaryBottom:10|Lines:5|WithNextStaff:Bracket|Color:Default
|StaffProperties|EndingBar:Section Close|Visible:Y|BoundaryTop:10|BoundaryBottom:10|Lines:5|WithNextStaff:Bracket,Layer|Color:Default
|StaffProperties|EndingBar:Section Close|Visible:Y|BoundaryTop:10|BoundaryBottom:10|Lines:5|WithNextStaff:Bracket|Color:Default
Well I've seen this at random occasions with Chrome, but I figured no one else was seeing it.  I can only imagine that the code for the WebRing widget occasionally breaks in such a way that it redirects the whole page rather than just the frame.  Going back to the front page always fixed it for me.  It looks like Rich has taken the widget out for know; I think that should fix the problem.
On possible solution to this dilemma, as seen in a certain program whose name suggests the end of the show, is to offer multiple play back style modes.  In this case, a style called "Legacy" could be used to bring back the sound that Aure is looking for.

Since I generally only use playback to verify correct pitches, I don't really have a strong opinion on playback issues in general, which is probably why I didn't even notice this particular change in the beta testing.
General Discussion / Re: lyrics position
Hi SAABQueen7,

In the Lyric editor, just select Alignment:Top from the configuration tab.
I'm sure the friendly folks at support [at] will be happy to help if you can verify your identity with them.
And failing all that, you could email the installer.exe file to yourself.  If you use Gmail, you'll have to renamed the extension first to something bogus like .cow and then rename it back.
Hi mlshatto,

You cannot currently decouple these two fonts.  If this ability is important to you, you can submit it to the Wish List.

As a workaround, you could leave the copyright info blank and use a text object (or two) on the very last line of the first page that is positioned low enough that it looks like it is the copyright information.
Well, I only noticed the disappearance of the Rogues Gallery because I was going to submit an updated picture along with my pending Scriptorium submission.  I suppose if folks want their picture to be visible, they can always make it their avatar or make it easy to find them on Facebook.

But building on Haymo's idea, it would be nice to see it converted into a tribute to the NWCers that have passed away.  If that is done, I would suggest it be linked to from the main page.  I don't think the gallery was linked to from anywhere other than a few forum posts.
Is the Rogues Gallery gone for good now?

I gotta be honest with you; you always make me smile.  :-).  Thanks for another music joke for my humor bag.  Nothing breaks the ice among musicians like the old favorites plus a few new ones.

Flurmy, that's precisely what I was thinking.  I've been toying with the idea of writing something like that up myself .. but I don't know if I can spare the time this week.  Stephen, if you can wait until this weekend, maybe I can whip something up for you on my bus ride to Canada.