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Shouldn't midi-files always be written with ansi encoding? does the midi format support UTF8?

In this spec, it doesnt say anything at all about support for encoding:
Thanks for the quick reply. Changing that setting seems to have solved my problem :)

using trial and error, I now know that nwc2.exe can handle conversion, but it does not successfully handle swedish (non ascii) characters when converting the title from nwctxt to midi.

To reproduce:
create a new song in nwc 2.75a beta 9
set song title to "Testoing ÅÄÖ åäö"
add some random notes
save as c:\temp\song.nwctxt (in text format)
convert using "nwc2.exe -convert c:\temp\song.nwctxt c:\temp\song.mid"

look at file in texteditor of your choice. midi title is now : Testing Ã...Ã,,Ã- åäö

I tried saving in nwc format and uncompressed format. neither of them convert correctly to midi.

please advice.

In the change notes for 2.75a, it seems that the normal exe-file now handles conversions, does this mean that nwc-conv is deprecated?
Hi, I'm using nwc-conv to  convert nwctxt-files to midi, but with the 2.75 upgrade and UTF8 support in NWC, the nwc-conv tool doesn't seem to have been updated (the file version is 2.5). When I generate midi files, any non-ascii character gets garbled.

Is there an updated nwc-conv with UTF8 support to get hold of anywhere?

Best regards, Jonas

My choir is rehersing a piece with hand written notes, and there is one passage that we just can't figure out (see attached file). The rest is written in 4/4 but this bar has 6 half notes in it, and a weird notation for something that looks like triplets, but uses a "2" instead of a "3". Does anyone in this forum have a clue what this notation means?

Best regards, Jonas

In the attached (small) nwc-file (edited with 2.1) the last three notes are tied, but the last two (of these) are muted. This sounds correct when played in nwc, but when it is exported to midi, my midi-app complains:

> NOTEON without NOTEOFF: Track=2 EvNr=14 When=768 (Bar=2) Note=74 (D6)

The attached file is just a stripped down version of a larger file ofcourse, but will be enough to show the problem. I'm using Synthfont ( to process the midi-files. I was nota flawed midi-file is attached as well.

best regards, Jonas Högström

General Discussion / installing v2.1
I just reinstalled my machine with windows 7, and now when I tried to reinstall nwc2.1, it seems I'm stuck... I have the original CD for 1.75c, and I have the upgrade file for 2.1. The problem is that the upgrade file requires 2.0 to be installed, and I can't seem to find my installation file for 2.0 anywhere.

What is the procedure to install 2.1 if you only have the 1.75c installation media?

I have another machine with 2.1 installed, and the recently reinstalled machine also had 2.1 before I wiped it. Can the 2.0 upgrade file be downloaded somewhere?

In my download-list in firefox, I found a reference to a file called "setup_nwc2_nwc175cd.exe". That looks just like the thing I'm looking fore but it is no longer on my harddrive :(

Best regards, Jonas Högström
I've been testing this a little on some of the files in our 200+ archive, and so far, the results are very nice. I've been having some trouble with overlaps when I use layered staffs in nwc  (especially the dotted and tied notes tend to get double dots and ties if two layered staffs have the same notes).

Phil has kindly offered to make a version of the tool that handles commandline parameters and then I'll update my automated mp3-generator tool to automatically generate pdfs for all of the files in our archive, that'll be very interesting.

Saving .nwctxt files is only possible via the File, Export command. The File, Save command does not currently support the .nwctxt format.

Any chance this could be fixed? It would be great if nwc could remember the format it used when loading and use the same format when saving. We have all nwc-files for our archive (200+) checked in to a version manager (subversion), and the text-format would be a great improvement since changes from two users could be merged. However, if everyone needs to remember to export the file rather than save the file each time they have made changes, inevitably someone will forget to do this.

When a file is opened as an nwctxt-file (with that extension), how come that it is not automatically saved with the same format? When I try to save a file that was opened as nwctxt, noteworthy2.1 tries to save it as a compressed nwc-file.
Using the trick with subst I could get it working, thanks.
I just downloaded and installed nwc2.1. When I try the command line tool "nwc-conv.exe", it seems that it must be executed from the same directory as the exe-file. If not I keep getting the following error:

Error: The input format Files is not recognized.

WHen correct paths have been provided, the command line tool simply starts the gui-version of the tool, but no file is generated. DId I do something wrong?
Thanks! That seems to have solved the problem. I'm up and running again :-)

I have found a bug when a tied note with a # ties over a bar-line. If the staff is using an instrument that can play very long notes (such as Cello), the note doesn't stop if it is followed by a pause.

I have attached a sample of this bug. If loaded in nwc 1.75c, the note will keep playing until the next note (or in the case of the third sample staff in the attachment, it will not even stop after another note is played).

When loaded in nwc 2.0, it plays just fine, but my problem is that I need to convert the files to midi in a batch-operation, so I have to use the nwc2mid converter from 1.75.

Is there any chance of either an updated version of nwc2mid for 1.75, a new version of it for 2.x or a command line switch for nwc2 to generate a midi-file from command line?

/Jonas Högström
The midiconverter suits my needs just fine for now (all our nwc-files are still in 1.75-format). How comes that the stand alone program can create the midi-files in an instant, but exporting a midi-file from nwc takes so long (somewhere between 30-60 seconds for a 3 minute song).

For the future, it would be great to have a stand alone midi converter that handles nwc2-files too.
I'm revisiting this topic again. I have played a little more with Synthfont and found that I will be able to control it via external commands. I can load the midi-file in Synthfont and modify the instruments and volume for each staff (or track) and then save one wav or mp3-file for each staff/track. The piece that is missing now for the automation to be complete is to be able to make Noteworthy to save the midifile from command line.

I would like to start noteworthy with a parameter like this:

nwc2.exe mysong.nwc /exportmidi

The result should be that noteworthy should load the file and export it to midi and then terminate.

Anyone knows if this is possible already?
And just minutes later I realized that synthfont ( can split the midi file into one mp3/wav file per channel. Now I just need a tool that can merge the files back again with different volume for the separate channels :-)

I would like to suggest a new feature. In our choir, we type in all music in Noteworthy for studying purposes, but since not all are in front of their computer all day like me, they would prefer mp3-files. I know it is possible to save a noteworthy file as midi, convert it to wav and then to mp3...

What I would like is the ability to export the same .nws file into multiple midi-files, one for each staff where one staff is set to max volume, and the others to a lower volume, or perhaps the main staff panned to the right, and the other staffs to the left so it is easier to hear your own. I can then probably find some tool to batch-convert these staffs to mp3 and upload them to the web server of my choir...

Automatic conversion to wav or even directly to mp3 would of course sweeten the deal :-)

Any chance this could be implemented in NW2?