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General Discussion / odd drum notation
Ravel - Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, first movement, rehearsal number 2, snare drum part.
Drum has been playing with stems up prior to this measure.  Suddenly the notes are stem up and stem down, with no indication as to what this means (no additional instrument either - each instrument is on its own line).  This continues until rehearsal number 3, where it reverts to stems up only.
Any thoughts?
General Discussion / Tunings other than Equal Temperament
Does anyone know of any NWC files that use tunings other than Equal Temperament (Marpurg, Kirnberger, Pythagorean, etc.)?
I've searched the Forum and the Scriptorium, but my search skills must be somewhat lacking...

General Discussion / OT: absolute pitch
I'm asking this at all of the music forums I frequent.
I just picked up a new student - nine years old, just started alto sax (he has been playing piano for five years).
After nearly completing his first lesson, he asked "Why do all of the notes sound wrong?"
I didn't know what he meant because all of the notes sounded correct to me, so I asked him what he meant and he couldn't elaborate.  Finally he said, "That doesn't sound like a B."  <sudden realisation>  I walked over to the piano, played a D and asked him if he knew what it was, and he replied (as if it were totally obvious), "That's a D."  I didn't have time for a good explanation, as my next student was coming in, but I told him quickly about absolute pitch and that I would explain more next week.  I also tried to explain it to his father, but his English is not yet strong so I think he didn't quite get it. 
Is there a guide of some sort on how to work with a student with absolute pitch who's playing a transposing instrument?
Any help is appreciated.
General Discussion / stuck notes (NOT hanging ties)
I am working on a big band chart containing drops in all of the horn parts.
When the score is playing (whether or not Note Chase is on), one of the drops causes a "sticking" of the music.  It sounds as if there is a "traffic jam" and some of the notes can't get through, so others have to wait for them to catch up.  After about 6 seconds (of a 3-second passage), either eveything clears up and plays normally, or the music simply stops (as if I had pressed F6). 
Is there something I can do to eliminate the problem?
General Discussion / rhythm section soli
I’m working on a big band chart that had the following indication in the Guitar, Piano, and Bass parts:
Basie Sound:  Piano Player plays as if left hand is tied behind his back. 
Guitar and Bass strive to sound like Piano Player’s tied-up left hand!

The Guitar part also has the following:
Comp à la Freddie Greene
Anyone have any idea how I’m supposed to sequence this?
I’ve never heard of Freddie Greene [I’m not a guitarist or other rhythm section member.].
Does [did] Freddie have certain voicings for which he is [was] known, or certain rhythm patterns he typically uses [used]?

Any help would be much appreciated.
General Discussion / backbeat, et al
I have a jazz band [swing band/dance band/jazz ensemble...] chart in which the drum part indicates "backbeat" at one point, "heavy backbeat" at another, and "soft drive" at another.  What am I supposed to enter in these sections?  I was once told that a backbeat has snare on 1 & 3 and bass on 2 & 4.  Is that right?  And what about the "soft drive" section?  I'm clueless on that one.


Hey, where's the spellchecker?
Tips & Tricks / How to Make NWC Play Jazz (Another Way)
Rather than having to remember the formulas (and remembering how to use them), I came up with a way that is much easier, for me anyway:

This example is set at tempo = 160
Create a measure with 8 eighth rests in it.
Insert tempo marks before each eighth rest.
Before 1st, 3rd, 5th, & 7th eighth rests, set tempo to dotted-eighth = 160.
Before 2nd, 4th, 6th, & 8th eighth rests, set tempo to dotted-quarter = 160.
(I usually use Copy&Paste to do this more quickly.)
Then you can use either the local repeat feature or you can Copy&Paste as many measures as you need, in case you need one straight measure somewhere in there. For that measure, simply enter quarter-note = 160 at the beginning of the measure with no other tempo marks anywhere else in that measure.