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General Discussion / Extra Sharp in RCs
Check the attached: two staves, one with one note having one sharp accidental; the other with two notes, one having one sharp accidental.  Now layer the staves.  From whence the extra sharp??
Thank you.
General Discussion / Hiding Hairpins
Perhaps I am the only one who is bothered by this, but if dynamics are hidden ("Visibility Never") in a score, why are the ensuing hairpins visible?

See the attached sample.  The dynamics (mf, f) are not visible in the lower staff, but the hairpins are visible.  Seems to me if the dynamics are not visible, the hairpins should not be visible.

In the case of the attached sample, seeing the hairpins in the lower staff is not necessary (or wanted).

Perhaps the hairpins could take on the visibility of the preceeding dynamic.
General Discussion / Disable Short-Cut Keys??
Is it possible to disable certain short-cut keys in NWC2?  Since the last NWC updates, "Q" is used for notehead selection and "\" is used for notehead color.  As a sloppy typist, I frequently hit the "Q" instead of "TAB" while coding, and similarly with the "\" instead of "ENTER".  Most of the time, I'm many measures ahead before I look up and see (e.g.) red notestems with no noteheads!

If it were possible to disable these two keys, it would save me beaucoup time (not to mention $$ for typing lessons!).

Please advise.

General Discussion / Dotted Note Discrepancies
Blessed Easter, everyone!

I've been plagued with dissimilarities in the appearance of dotted notes between layered and non-layered staves.

Example 1: "Without Layering" - notes entered twice at each position per staff.
Example 2: "With Layering" - notes entered once at each position per staff, staves layered.

Why two dots on the "lined" notes in Example 1??

Shouldn't each example look like Example 2?

D E Baumann
General Discussion / Optional Text Expression Overlays Tempo on Preview
Good day, Everyone,

Just completed coding a Purcell choral number, and hoped to add this comment to the tempo:

  "Rather slowly; with power and dignity"

Unfortunately, the "(quarter note)=90" overlays the last two characters of the comment on the "Print Preview". 

Looks fine while editing and on the printed output; it just overlays on the Preview.  Could be confusing for newbies.
User Tools / 64-bit mxml2nwc available
Having upgraded my ancient PC to a new one, I found it running Vista 64-bit.  Unfortunately, most of my apps, including mxml2nwc, was running 32-bit.  This caused a problem.

I contacted Nicolas who kindly updated and provided me a 64-bit version which runs superbly!  He also provided me with the following download information for this forum: (His quote)

"Standard version:
x64-only version: - to use ONLY if the other doesn't work."


He's quite a guy.  Use and enjoy!

General Discussion / Spacing on Special Endings
I've searched the forum and have found similar problems, but not this one.  In the attached NWC2 file, please look at measure 64.  I have unlayered staves 1 and 2 to show the spacing difference.  Obviously, layering causes a double tune sig.

I cannot find what is causing the spacing problem at Special Ending 2.

Any ideas?? 

Thanks!  (The forums [fori?] are great!)
General Discussion / Updating Templates in Vista
Gents (and ladies),

Last March, I "upgraded" to Vista.  Just after the first of the year, I attempted to modify my templates to reflect the date change (to 2008), but was unable to save the templates.  Yes, I have Admin priveleges.  The message is "(template name) failed to save properly" but the old ones still exist and I have to change them manually for each new composition.

Is there something in NWC that will not allow saving modified templates under Vista?  The templates are in:
C:\Program Files\Noteworthy Composer\Template

Yes, I'm still on 1.75c, but doubt the new version would act differently.

Many thanks for your assistance.   Y'all are great answering queries.
General Discussion / User Fonts
I code 4-part choral music (like from CPDL) for my church choir and for another choir I'm in.  As there are quite a few "user fonts" available for Noteworthy and the program allows for six, is there a standard/consensus on which should be included in a "typical" NWC document for choral music?  If so, in what order?

Is there (or, probably more rightly, could there be) a suggested "template" of these fonts and a quick reference list of what each provides?

   User font 1 Boxmarks
   User font 2 cresc
   User font 3 NWSlur

Then a one-page list showing what Boxmarks codes provide what graphic, followed by cresc, and NWSlur...

This would be most helpful for the occasional user such as me.  I only have about 2900 choral selections, and since 1999, have altered my templates to include some of the fonts, but I invariably end up having to add another or rearrange a template, then I really get screwed up!  How are all you handling situations such as these??

Many thanks (and I LOVE some of your posts on other topics!!) and still awaiting NWC2 (non-beta.  I don't do beta.)
Doug Baumann