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General Discussion / Slurs between grace notes and non-grace notes
Trying to enter some of Bartok's transcriptions, I came across this:
Slurs from grace notes go into either grace notes or non-grace notes.
Slurs from non-grace notes go into non-grace notes and not grace notes.

This can be demonstrated by:
Code: [Select · Download]
I'm not sure how it should work.

The main workaround I've found involves layering:
First Staff:
Code: [Select · Download]
Second Staff:
Code: [Select · Download]
Changing the value of the hidden rest changes the position of the grace note.  This workaround obviously affects playback.

Any ideas?
General Discussion / Coloring Beamed Highlighted Notes
Working on something in which I am highlighting notes to do with patterns, I noticed that only the notes and stems of beamed notes change color (not the beam).  When unbeamed, the color of the flag is the same, however.
It is the same in NWC1.75

I'm not sure whether this is the best way to do things, are there other opinions?
General Discussion / MIDI volume level being raised?
I've noticed that NWC seems to be raising the MIDI volume in volume control lately.  I don't like loudness, so I typically keep the volume very low, but I often have to lower the volume.  Has anyone else experienced this?
User Tools / Python NWCTXT parser
This is a basic parser for the .nwctxt file format in the scripting language python.
Code: [Select · Download]
#pyNWC-a .nwctxt syntax parser in python
#Created by forum user kahman.
#Use it however you please.  Feel free to modify it, but please return all modifications to the forum.
#Known bugs:
#   *Cannot import lyrics that have line-breaks in them.

def parsefile(_file):
    "parse one file"""
    _file=_file.split('\n') #split the file by line
    for x in range(len(_file)):    #for each remaining line,
        _file[x]=parseline(_file[x])   #parse it seperately
    while 1:    #until error occurs
            _file.remove(None)  #remove a None from the list
        except ValueError:  #if there is no None,
            break   #break
    return _file

def parseline(line):
    if line=='':    #if line is blank,
        return None     #destroy it
    elif line[0]=='#':  #or if it's a comment,
        return None     #destroy it
    elif line[0]=='!':  #or if it's start/end marker,
        return None     #destroy it
    line=line.split('|')    #split the line by |
    output.append(line[1])   #set what object it is
    for x in line[2:]:  #then for each property/value
        y=(x.split(':')) #split it into property and value
        output[1][y[0]]=y[1]    #and add these to the dictionary
    return output

See the code for known bugs.
If you want to "translate" it into another computer language, feel free to do so.  If you want to modify it, feel free to do so.
Basically, what it does is you can give it a line of code and it will process it by | and :, so |Note|Dur:4th|Pos:0 becomes the line of code ['Note', {'Dur': '4th', 'Pos': '0'}]
If anyone makes any modifications, post them here.
At some point, someone should write a converter to/from MXML...sigh.
Oh, and at some point, I'll work on a program to convert from this back to NWCTXT.
If you find a bug, please post it here.
General Discussion / Sticking Options
Whenever I put in a note that has some option (e.g. accidental, grace note, etc.) attached to it, this option continues to be selected until manually disabled.  This problem also continues into other staves, or even other pieces.
General Discussion / Beta 2.17 Dot Positioning Bug in 2nd-Chord
In a piece I am working on, I am utilizing chords based of of 2nds a lot.  In one where the two notes have different dynamic values (one is a dotted 4th, the other is a half), the dot for the dotted 4th note is placed across the half note.

Here is the offending chord:
Code: [Select · Download]
General Discussion / Non right-justification of all systems on a worksheet
I am working on a worksheet for something.  Each staff has a few notes, not many, and the amount greatly differs per line, from 3 to 15.  When I go to Print Preview, however, regardless of how many notes there are, the ending bar lines are always aligned.  Is there a way to prevent this?
General Discussion / Beaming in Multiple-Duration Chords
A piece that I'm currently working on has this figure repeated:
Code: [Select · Download]
If I beam it, the 16th notes at the top are beamed, and the 8th notes are unbeamed.  I'm not sure if this is musically correct or if this is a bug.
General Discussion / Display Bug During Playback
I have two staves which are layered.  In one, everything is set to Visibility:Never.  In the other, which is on top of it when not layered, it has the exact same notes in one measure.  When I select a staff that is neither of those, it displays the notes in common as hidden.  When I play back, after each note that is on both staves, it shows it as if it's not hidden.  When playback ends, they show as hidden again.
Tips & Tricks / [NWC2] How to cleanly extend the last system.
In the NWC2 page setup box, there is a checkbox for "Extend Last System".  That, however, simply adds a large amount of space to the end of the piece instead of stretching the last system.  These instructions will show you how to extend the last system by stretching it.

1. In "Staff Properties", go to the "General" tab.  Under "Ending Bar", choose "Open (Hidden)"

2. At the end of the first staff, go to Insert-Decorated Bar Line, or b.  Choose whichever type of barline you like, and select "Force System Break" (Top Staff Only) 
Or, you can use:
Code: [Select · Download]

There will be no line after, and the last line will be stretched.
Tips & Tricks / Subtitles
For those of you who want to add subtitles at the proper height...
  • From the default top staff (upper/lower vertical size is 12), the Staff Position of the Author, Lyricist line is almost exactly 21.  If you have the same text below it, it will create a slight [shadow=black,right]shadow effect[/shadow].
  • To go down an additional row, subtract 5 (approximately) from the staff position.  (This measurement was created with Staff Italic.  This will vary depending on which font you use.)
General Discussion / Limited Features when making Band/Orchestral Scores
If you look at any professionally printed Orchestral Full Score, it has the parts divided into different sections.  I have a score right in front of me right now, and it uses Noteworthy Orchestral Braces for sections such as Woodwinds, Brass, etc.

However, in NWC or NWC2, you can only have the brace tops/bottoms at the top and bottom of the entire score, not in groups.<Image Link>  (I know you can force a bar break by making an empty staff set to Standard and layering it with the above staff.)

Any reccomendations?
General Discussion / Serious bug in length of Whole Notes (But Not Rests)
I have been working on a project that's not in 4/4 time and noticed that while a whole rest fills up the entire measure, regardless of whether it's 2/4 of 5/4 or whatever, a whole note does not.
From what I've always heard a whole rest/note does not take up the amount of beats in the lower section of the time signature, but should fill up the whole measure?

Has anyone else experienced this problem?
General Discussion / Top Staff Excluded Positioning?
In the same piece as all my other woes, I am once again limited by NWC2.  Under visibility, it has Top Staff only, but no Top Staff Excluded.

This is useful in multi-part scores where the parts are also printed individually, such as I have a trill that is the right length in the full score, but it extends a measure further then it should in the individual part.
General Discussion / Absolute Positioning for Text
In a piece I'm working on, I have some flutter-tounging in the flute part.  I use Boxmarks for the the characters, but I can't figure out how to have the middle of the character in the staff.

The best I could get was Best Fit, which had it like so:
Code: [Select · Download]

Is there a way that I can absolutely position it?
General Discussion / Quick way to transpose notes?
I know that there's Tools-Transpose Staff, but is there an option to select some notes and click Transpose Notes?  If there isn't, do you think someone could add it?
General Discussion / Glissandi
How do you make a Glissando in NWC2?  I don't mean something like
Code: [Select · Download]
, I mean the written diagonal tilde with the gliss.
General Discussion / Possible MIDI Rest Handling Bug-or Feature
I recall that in NWC1.75B, if your piece ended with a rest, it would just end before the rest could finish holding up the piece.  Now, in NWC2.03b, if you do the same thing, it actually holds up the piece until the rest finishes.

Is this supposed to happen?  Or is it a bug?
General Discussion / Triplet Barring
I've found an annoyance that occurs when you have a triplet at any time.  You select 3 notes that can be barred, and you click triplet (or press ctrl-t) and it just triplets them, like so:
Code: [Select · Download]
If you want them to be barred (which happened automatically in v1.75b) you have to click barr (or press ctrl-b) to get them barred like the following:
Code: [Select · Download]
Is it because it's easier to program?  Is it a bug?  Is it a feature?
General Discussion / Tilde Display Bug
I have a notated trill which is notated as the following:
Code: [Select · Download]
I have a triple repeat, and whenever I scroll to the right, it magically extends into the second ending, but when I scroll past that a bit, it goes back to where it should be.