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General Discussion / Anchors instead of diamonds
Hello friends. Its been quite some time since I have used NWC and have recently installed it on my laptop but things have changed a lot since my last use. I wanted to modify one of my files and notice that the anchor is showing in the editor instead of the diamond for object placement like text.
My files are several years old and I find that the anchor is somewhat visually obstructing. I much prefer the diamond but cannot seem to find anything about how to change this feature in the index, unless it is no longer available.
Thanks for your help.
General Discussion / Piano Bar
Haven't been using NWC for a while. Is it possible to build chords using the piano bar featrue?  If so what's the combination? Thx.

General Discussion / Soundfonts
Is there any kind of instruction on Soundfonts, how to load them, what are the best, or easiest to load etc...
Finally got a soundcard that is compatible but have no idea how to go about obtaining soundfonts or how to load them. I read the text files on the Creative site, but it is geared more toward making your own soundfonts from your own samples, which is definately out of my comfort zone. Other sites such as Hammersound don't give any instruction at all that I am aware of. It seems that there are very few who are knowledgable in this area. Appreciate any guidance. TIA Duncan
General Discussion / Scripto downloads open in NWC 1
For some reason, when I download a file from the scripto, instead of opening NWC2, which the file was created in, NWC1 opens and of course cannot open the file. I'm sure (hope) there is a simple solution.
General Discussion / No sound from one staff
When I open files in NWC2, (since changing to Vista), in each file there is one staff that won't playback. The staff is not muted and I can't seem to figure out why it won't sound. There is an instrument assigned to the staff and I get the same thing using MS Midimapper or wavetable synth as the midi playback device. I haven't made any modifications to the files so I don't unhderstand what the problem might be. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
General Discussion / Unable to save files
I have been wracking my little brain trying to figure out what I have done wrong, but have been unable to solve this problem. I recently purchased a new computer and immediately installed NWC 1.75 and then the upgrade to NWC2 which I have been using since it came out. I then moved all of my NWC2 files into the program. When I open a file from the SAMPLES folder that comes with the program, make a change and save, these are the messages that come up:
1. This file has changed, do you wish to save it? (yes)
2. This is a read only file. Try anyway?  (yes)
3. Unable to create a BAK backup for this file. Save anyway? (yes)
4. This file failed to be properly saved.

If I start a new file and go to save it, I see this string of messages:
1. This file has changed, do you wish to save it? (yes)
2. C:\ProgramFiles\NoteWorthComposer2\SAMPLES\SONG2.nwc You don't have permission to save in this location.
Contact the administrator to obtain permission. Would you like to save in the Duncan folder instead? (no)

At some point, I don't remember exactly what the flow of operations was, I saw a message saying something like the Autosave operation failed. What gives?
I am using Vista premium home edition. TIA - D
General Discussion / Problem with fonts in Vista
I just installed Lawries Swing Dings, and Music Serif/Sands to the Windows/Fonts folder, however, when I go to page setup in NWC2, the fonts are not an option, only NWC2STDA appears.  Also, if I bring up a file that already uses one of these fonts (from my old computer), the font option appears in the dialogue box, but the font in the file is a string of odd characters. I restarted the computer after installing the fonts and there is no change. Any guidance is appreciated. TIA
General Discussion / More than one Sound Card
Is it possible to have more than one sound card working on the same computer? I am thinking about getting a new pc and would like to have a Yamaha sound card installed. Is it possible to have a soundblaster as well and go back and forth?
General Discussion / Chord Names
I'm hoping someone can help me. I would like to add chords as text in a song, but I am having trouble figuring out what their correct names are. The piece is in the key of F and I am attaching a portion that shows the chords in question. The first one is tied from the first measure to the second. The other one is in the third measure. I'm pretty sure about the second one, but it's probably best to check with someone who knows. Thanks - D.
General Discussion / Frustration with new forum
Am I the only one who is feeling frustrated here? I find this forum so complicated that it is not worth the time it takes to figure it out. I am not technically inclined and my life does not revolve around computer screens. I write music! NWC is a tool used to achieve a certain end.  I understand that it is desirable to improve this tool in certain areas because the work-arounds required to attain certain results are rediculously tedeous (sp?), however I have seen requests for what seem to me to be simple and doable improvements over and over to no avail.  It does not seem reasonable to put the program out there for testing and then quibble about minutia that doesn't amount to anything while requests for real improvements go unanswered. For example, 8va... is a tool that is universally understood and used in standard notation. It is not an outlandish request. The idea that you have to download a font from an external source, incorporate it into your font file, then use hidden staves so that playback reflects what is written is crazy. It can get very complex when you edit your work later and have to deal with these hidden staves etc... Besides, that is only one work-around for one problem. When you use several work-arounds in one piece, the complexity and time consumption make you want to reach for one of those other notation programs. (Yes they are complex, but they have all the fundamentals built in. NWC is becoming too complex to work with when you have to play around with a lot of nonsense.)
Some of the work-arounds are way too techincal and involve changing things that I would not dream of touching on a computer for fear that I would do something wrong and not be able to correct it. Not everyone is a computer technician or programmer. Again, I write music.
It seems to me that adding a super and subtitle would be a cinch, but if you want to have these now, you better make them the last thing you do on a file because if you edit your  margins, point size, lyrics or any number of parameters, you will throw off the alignment of the inserted text and have to spend lots of time correcting. Same goes for importing musical fonts etc. It can be done, but there is a big price to pay in the form of time and the results are usually less than ideal.
Now in order to participate in certain discussions, you must upgrade your membership? Give me a break!  Listen, the only virtuosos I know are spending their time practicing, not playing the computer keyboard. I wanted to reply to a post today but it took so long to figure out why there was no reply button that I finally said forget it!
I would like to see less talk and more action. I am sure I am not alone.
Let's get on with it fellas! Thanks for letting me vent. I'm sure I've managed to piss off more than a few folks today. Oh well! I guess it's your turn to be aggrivated. And please, I am aware that my grammar and spelling are not up to the standards of some, (as their music is not up to the standards of others), so please keep your usage, gramatical and spelling comments to yourself.  This is a MUSICAL forum! Thank you.
General Discussion / Template repeats
In the Rythm Templates of NWC2 there are rythms that repeat 150 times.  Does anyone know how that is done?
It would be nice if one could create repeat rythms and accompaniment tracks to use in midi synthesizers.
General Discussion / Midi File Association
I have run into a problem that I do not know how to correct. I have checked previous forums on the subject, but they are so old that their solutions don't apply because they involve Windows 95 and 98.
When I go to midi files, somehow they have become associated with Real Player instead of NWC, which would not normally be a problem I guess except that my Yamaha keyboard does not recognize them so that if I write something on NWC and transfer to floppy disc, it won't play in the keyboard.
I have re-installed NWC to try and get the associations back but to no avail. I have also tried highlighting a file, right clicking, choosing "Open With" (Choose a program) - NWC, (Checking the "always open this type of file with" box), and still have had no luck. What happens is that the file then is transfered to the midi import wizard and opens that way, but the Real Player icon remains. Any Suggestions? Thanks for your help.