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Avant-garde / "Look, Bach Waiving that Big sword of his!"
Bout "The Technoabyssus": is that of a humorous five-eights character-ism
Neo-Bach constant configuration. A work that relied heavily in copy n paste &
the audit of barlines for a shortcut. This funny one for the Vaudeville
in audeo quality & the neo-manner of Bach. Video=I saw God &
Audio=I said goodbye Devil? dkb 9/28/2021 8:44:26 PM
I hope this one you find enjoyable & as i said for the lonely corner
of the Avant-Garde sum additions.

Bout " God-like Clockwork ":
I tried to reproduce exact arrangement excerpt from the old outer limits
series Bach interpretation of WTC Book 1 c minor & D major praeludiums just
like in the Outer Limits episode (season 1, episode 5) with some deviations
of mine like a 1st sequencs of the c moll an octave lower and measure 6
cubical instead Father sharp not natural and overall like a full non-stop
train as oppossed to how it is commonly performed & on youtube with the
usual diminuitions which i think are not better than this one because it
diminishes the awe contuinuity. Also at least for my setup this nwc file
used parameters of volume are better for superb effect of decibel dynamics
as a template. And,finally the D major one ends in d minor while being in
the key of D major which Bach never did even once but the composer from
the episode inverted implementation of the usual Picardi Treament used by
Bach often. -dkb 10/1/2021 11:09:49 AM P.S. “ I think it can be said that
The eventual superb normality of
Bach was so advanced that for him
It was mere standard virtuosity of
Metronomic & technical clockwork to us an Encyclopedic genius of immense
Autonomy.” -dkb, a musical journalist
In amateur proportions.

Bout " Diotone ":
Dio like Devil In Operation 666 dna acronym altered scale work to be 100% diatone,
but i can only dream of composing like Michael Nyman's certain one is pure diatonic
masterpiece for solo piano from the movie: " The Piano" which so miraculously
uneeds any accidental whatsoever yet sounds as good as any. There is a hidden
scale that can render any midi file to substancial proportions by i lost the scale
to render it with but it turns out it cancels some of the chromatones & yet it replaces
some the notes to others within that scale at the same time. -dkb

Bout " Neo Light Bachroque ":
This one like Bach but the harmonies were developmentally devised over a gradual
experience in the nu harmonic stylus.

Bout " Veniva da Paganini ":
This ix the 1st of a set notebook in an eccentric style. The inspiration came from the
movie " Kinski Paganini " in a pure abstract manner otherwise i would not have
aquired it from the infinite musicosm or finite the power of matematica omega.
I do not know the events de Facto regarding Paganini's infamous rumors but this
work/s is purely musical.

Bout " Rollerblading Euphoria ":
I was in a neighborhood once in the twilight of day & it's environmental askance was
that of a perfect evening euphoria with headphones portrayed in this nu work.
General Discussion / Does anyone know this?
Does anyone know where in the forum is a usertool, LUA, or an exe someone posted years ago where he
said now your can input into noteworthy staffs any font symbol in the place of notes and these symbols will play the correspondent note staff placement i think uses the called character map and any font in question and could you please explain what is to import or copy n paste an image into noteworthy, what is it & how would it be usefull to a composer? Is it possible to create a usertool or LUA that would use n calculate the MPC pitch bend mechanism and prompt you the equate within a 100 cents of microtunning for 4 prompts one note affected, all same notes on a staff, all notes selected, or all notes on the midi channel, a sort of practical converter utility new mechanismic tool?
Avant-garde / A Musical Comedy Piece
Bout" A Humorous casual event":
The work is neobaroque + character piece hybridal. Elements of counterpoint as if but not from the prime,fourth, to the 5th imitation of the simplex theme, extra notes, & epidodes to the traversalism development komplex to finally a baroque finale
like Bach but thickly compressed modern treatment of cohesive dissonance. The humor ix abstract & nu-trippy. So,
here is a comedy piece for the forum. Thanks! dkb 9/26/2021 11:34:54 AM

"A Trivial Dilema" ix a Neo-American contrapuntal synth work that needs no explanation other than the obvious yet
unique cognitive invocation. 9/27/2021 11:33 AM

Bout "Fugatta Flammis Orbital":
This work in my usual i use the audit barlines often in these contrapuntal works.
The name implies multiples such as the sun, a planet, the orbitation of the
moving fugue, the hardships of humanity, & the immortal fire itself similar
to the modernism of a Rachmaninov piano solo etude or maybe a prelude i think.
And, this piece has an amusing humor quality in it's sounding style. I hope
ya'll enjoy. Thanks! dkb 9/27/2021 5:58:17 PM

Bout "The Devil's Guga":
Guga short for gugue like fugue to fuga but the gugue or guga is like a fugato from fugue, a composition
resembling a fugue style, but not strictly like a fugue. This one uses a constant trill effect "Diavolo"
& ix 3-part writting contrapunctux stretti. The entire idea started from a theme from F to E above in
which episodes & development are sequentially interwoven into yet a workable complexion. It's a Neo-
Baroque solo with essentially-eclectic details in the score. Also it's lasting time 1m:44s ix a
conundrum element of inclandestination regarding fake or deFacto analysis. dkb 9/28/2021 2:11:37 PM

Avant-garde / A Neptunium Sonatta?
This work has a unique ending in mostly 4ths ideology & is a sonatta 1st the exposition first part that repeats.
Then the 2nd section is both development & the recapitulation of the exposition simultaneously as an innovative
avant-garde element of the exposition pretending to be the recapitulation innately embedded like a quarky &
sudden anti-schism suddenly unexpectedly implanted out of nowhere. This my brief analysis. If anyone has further
points i cannot think of even paramusical ones, i would love to hear them. Thanks! -dkb 9/26/2021 8:53:12 AM
Avant-garde / Neo-Beethoven?
Hello fellow Musicians,
I like to share this nu piece which to me has beethovian sonorities at least in superficial askance.
The final chord is quite surprising as i saw it to construct it by the train of thought of, A minor
plus C major plus A-flat as a unique workable conceptual ending. I believe there should be a
sector in NWC website just for original works by non-dead NWC composers. Does anyone else
think this or is it an idle idea? 9/25/2021 7:21:48 AM d/d
P.S. A while back i wanted to undertake another tune which i thought could be the theme
of an imaginary 10TH Beethoven symphony since it sounded dead on as the saying " That
is Beethoven!" & without doubt but i abandoned it i could not integrate the theme into a
symphonic transcendentalism. I may post it later on to prove my point. I completed one
symphony however, my 1st & so far my only one. 9/25/2021 7:36AM

Bout " Ode To Beethoven":
Ah1 The language of Beethoven! The 5TH in it's mechanical, personal, &
political blunt premeditated message to the world. The simple yet amply
math of it's hidden message in music to literal alpha form. This work
uses the theme in a neo-counterpoint manner exploring modal possibilities
in the easy key of A-flat. dkb 9/30/2021 1:21:49 PM

Bout " Awe Dance " Latin Alias:" Datum Tremendis Saltare":
This one reminescent of the 8th-note R.H. Yet Inverted simplex figuration in Beethoven's
Moonlight Quasi fantasia Adagio Sustenuto ix an awe dance of body form
& mental dexterity. A maelstrom of awe that is rotating majestically
even as a tap dance the applied voice a harmonic complex percussive largest
systematic chord equate in the ostinato. dkb 9/30/2021 6:10:03 PM

Bout " Altered Fur Elize ":
Not a variation but a mere alternate interpretation of his unequaled in it's own right
masterpiece that everyone knows. I used mental singing, old of mine material, & impromptu
ideas. I wanted to hear some slightly new sounds from this original work itself by just adding
& subtracting-substitutioning certain changes only.
Avant-garde / " A Nonetal Contribution "
Bout " Hell dance....":
Hello everyone i hope everybody is safe & well.
About the 2:51 minute i call Orchestrion style to subs like trekordion or here a nonet.
This is a "Nonet in c minor" in the oldschool videogame style. Contrapuntally it carries
a total of replicated and non-replicated 9 staffs and i think can be said superficially
& technically, 43-part writting. 5 staffs are hidden for esthetic. The general formula
for this work is a 12-part contrast-articulated imitation work tripled variably in
instruments + a channel 10 consistent membranna ostinato with a duplex-articulate
alteration doubling of the voices & + finally a waltz-ideology-inspired 3rd ostinato
meant as a strange eclectic constant. The most complex parts are the 1st two staffs
which originally were a 12-part imitation work and like the baroque method to take
a simple idea & develop it in an uncanny fashion hidden from prying eyes LOL. I only
used copy & paste and Retrograde mainly. My point in this post is to enlarge posts on
the nwc avant-garde section and simply to expose the dissection of one method of
potential and perhaps someone with the necessary skill create a LUA file like not
just retrograde but also the contrapuntal invert and LUA files for the commom
baroque ornaments like the mordant,turn, & all rest used by the great Bach himself.
To me this work's title is similar to the videogame Castlavania:Harmony of Dissonance
or my favorite Castlevania:Symphony of the Night. I am not much into games but rather
the music of the professionals that created the scores  which tons of them were
derived from the Baroque & Bach's Style and works. The title merely depicts one
possible Hell &/or Quantum scenerio. 9/24/2021 12:22:22 PM D/D

Bout " And Quadratic Note Structures ":
This ix more like a giant conceptual etude. It contains progressions,  motifs, cells, compounds, etc.,
mostly hypothetical & official names of note-beamed name structures like the Alberti, etc.
Yet not all structures are included as it would be immense into a composition as here
illustrated. There is also some analysis data. I don't know which sf2 via the viewer is ideal
yet the instrument is piano & a good sf2 piano that does justice to the pedal is amply.
This is a bit like a medly & dedicated to the 94 keys of the imperial grand by total
number of measures. It also examplifies a would be program that would include tons of
preset quadratic & non-quadratic beam structures each one with a name for a notation
shortcut into other integrations or simply anyone to tag a name for them of their own
by any logical designation complex for example regarding tactical warfare as a species
of many to choose from, etc.
And here is a nwc wallpaper & concept of music's to the power of itself....
Avant-garde / "Nu Algorithmic Possibilities"
The Quinsex Praeludium is constructed algoic in 1st 5 chromatic intervals, then six back and forth simplex arithmetic while the Octanovem is 8s and 9s chromatonal math and this is the simple formula. However it can be more complex by introduction of say a triplex serial equation of say 3s,6s, & 7s numerics at random. The rest of the formula was not to extreme octave ranges that where practical in the process of all the systematic copy and pasting back and forth between the destraic treble and mancanian bass clef in an impromptu fashion of choice excluded in the formula book that was going to explore all binary combinations of interval combinations in the form of these example two praeludiums in volumes. As well as cohesive patterns of parts contrasting juxtaposition. The details of the entire formula utilized can be dissected from the scores at a analysis inspection like you would a fuga. The purpose of this post is to exemplify that a program within a program in prompts could be devised to lessen time expenditures to compose preludes like these in a very short time by box entering numbers representing intervals and other numerical equates in the score so the program would compute the work automatically after all figures prompted i don't know if it could be as a usertool or object plugin i cannot write the syntax know how. If it could be a tool the idea is to achieve a shortcut to turn say an hour into some mere minutes by say chromatic interval prompts up or down without having to constantly count consecutively to allow fast working with scoral numeric formulas that created these two of my nwc files. This Avant-Garde post is like a subprogram withing a Program pretendinding to be a Program.
I have this idea of a program as an
Extensive user tool or LUA that can
Compose an entire work like these two
By a few numeric prompts to automate
The entire score with final click useful
In as a shortcut/s for your theme or
Algorithmic idea like I did with these
But I had to do it manually & wished It
Could have been faster for the
Completion of all intervals and some chordals since to the power of would
Be immense project. Nota: I have
Attached the snapshots from my book
Of algorithms for your analytical curiosity. One can see what was not
Included otherwise my manual
Idea modularizations of sensible
Contrasts and details imputed on
The fly.

Bout " Superhuman ":
Imagine the awe of superhuman running &/or flying in physical
&/or neuronic proportions. Much copy n paste & complex ratios
of retrograde along with attempted non-repeating sequentias
of rhythmic patterns for the sake of would-be diametria as the
work lasts 2:36 minutes/secs Alt-236 the PC code for the
infinity sign or the unlied 8 as well otherwise the same in
it's octahedronic lore....-dkb,10/3/2021 10:55:13 AM

Bout " Substance=Cohesion ":
Couldn't be in a better key except for maybe d minor or g minor?
Unlike orchestrations or too impractical to perform the other
i call extremetrical or/& quasi-extremetrical are those practical
to perform with human hands or 2 hands as a solo. Try some old-
school New Age Music as a comparison but yet added elements of
nu passionate innovation like the newness of vintage French
imperativity like say the French Automotonists to say the
Automotronists in contrast even though preserved as a simplex
proto-skeletonic model. Many diadems i like, to collect like
fav style & form signatures along the way, like New Age,
Dawn, Vampeer, Gothic, Victorian, & The Neos of, all contain
their own music formula like you know the 12-measure jazz one.
Omit measures 20-27's-R.H. Lower
Voice notes for an easy & practical
2-hand original performanza. This piece is designed to be performed,
& it is only then that one can truly appreciate it without
leaving an important component to be desired in the equation.
Requires the human touch as the Midi or NWC cannot due it
100% justice as one playing it on an acoustic pianoforte
not to mention the magic of the " via humana transference."
I find on the computer more difficult & even illusive objective
to transfer all adamants in their essential & just entirety.
-dkb 10/3/2021 2:42:36 PM
P.S. " Sometimes in my music i paint Pure Green Utopias as one
example from a possible however far or even impossible future
or futuristic & Neo-reality/ies that longs to Shine via human
obsession, predilection identified genesis explanatory."
NOTA: " My music ix a new(Neo or Nu) equation & there are sum
or some elements of notative articulation. I hope you enjoy this
one." -dkb, 10/3/2021 3:10:34 PM
General Discussion / The Trekordion? & Nu Downloads!
Here is my small contribution to my fav, the nwc program for anyone to download.
I call this form a trekordion which is simply a 1st composed solo which you can hear
by muting the lower 3rd staff which is a complete composition in it's own. But, then
by as i do just wing at it, a potential at least good ostinato might be forged with the
solo cohesively. I hope you fellow noteworthy users enjoy it and if you wish,
comment your personal thoughts. Thank you! Again two more numeric
simple itrees might be useful. Furthermore,
FUGUE of itree stand for Fire, Universe, God, U for Olfactory or nosy or hyper-inquisitive
and E for Earth. And each representing the five Pythagorean solids analogy.
This is not to precise. I however believe the Fugue to represent
a divine rotation as a parallax to the planetary electromagnetic music of Earth.
We humans live in a quadratic modularization. Which is the practical one + and -
polarity of basic mains= negatives=1-anguish,2-suffering,3-dying, and 4-death. The +s
are=1-peace,and happiness,2-strength and health,3-euphoria, and 4-immortality faith.
Then there are the secondaries which less necessary however just as real= negatives=
depression,2-boredom,3-passivity,and 4-apathy. While the +s are=1-awe,2-ecstasy,
3-fanatic at something while still healthy or not but still positive since our
mind perceives it as adamant, and 4-superficialities real only to us. the basic
ones are more than less physical while the secondary more the unnecessary psychiatric
yet universally part of the universal nature of consciousness. Also these
five elements of Fugue align to the five types of Gm midi 128 instruments in classes which
are of The H-S System= 1-Idiophones,2-Chordophones,3-Aerophones,4-Membranophones,And
5-Electrophones.I mostly merely represented them as 1st 1-element+2-geometrica= and
+3-instrument class improvisatory complex linguistic derivatives with a facet of somewhat
ridiculous humor in it. The rotation of the cubic/spherical Earth has been a komplex
affectation in all but discussed here in the music we produce similar to the mechanics
of our neuro-DNA-molecular circuitries, some of the building mechanisms of the future
of here planet Earth, these things are so smart they decide our future before we realize
it yet are intrinsically part of all of us. Other criteria in geometric lore is the
Icosahedron as the Throne Of God and the Rhombohedron sometimes used to represent man's
desire to aquire impossible lenghts of power through increased knowledge. Others the
Star Polytope even to 120-cell ratio said to illustrate surpassing diametria geometrica,
and the Starhedron known for it's representation of self-magnification through sectal
sensibility to reach God. The Novus Ordo Seclorum pineal grand in the 1 Dollar bill is
the Binary Facet of existencial fundaments itself part of the basic knowledge for a supreme
being existencial engineer to overbuild realities within realities. Academica being the Central
Core of any existence sorrounded by the primus survival juxtaposition with witfully applied lore
to hopefully outlive death indefinitely the philosopher's stone to the dicey magnum of illusive
indestructability in counterpoint with all the latter that remains. Then the decline of our
life descentia unto necrosis thought to be the natural portal medium to exceed the worldly
dimensions to the next infinite sets. Jargon after jargon of discovered and proposed concepts
that in the most merit cannot be proven yet cannot be disregarded due to their partial
sometimes mindboggling illumination or luminousity as potential science.
Just some data i wished to share with you but in these itrees one numerated from midi 0 and one
from 1 as well as The fugue itree for 5 instrumental classes. I hope you find them usefull,practical, and esthetical to promote more imagination
and it's twin clone intelligence.
Here is 1 more itree you might find useful.

please check also this link:

P.S.: Almost any GM bank sf2 for the viewer will to it justice.
General Discussion / mikrotonalizm?
originally called " as if microtonal " was meant for small use of f# 50cents in a sequence C# 50cents in a sequences's worth so on and so forth minimal use of non western tunning as if adamant minut touches of eclecticalities ideology with western chromatizm for koloring. i have not heard it microtonal but the theory ix sound for getting mor dan givin in-instead offed vertigoical dizzy-like usual vortex of say youtube microtonal quality potential wit exam-ples lattering substancial exeptions my idea is minimal use again with a differential point of bending the twelvian tone unless it ix a relativ pertinantion of its workabol scope-tte. i hope u enjoy diz as an addittion to nwc dna mein fav notate processor.
Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]

General Discussion / " Retrogradus Parnassum "
Hello noteworthy composers, it's been a while posting. Here ix one contribution to the retrograde tool as a protype opus dat complex cohesive combinations of varied dynamics et articulattas can be incorporated to a polished eventual product of a flashing moment of inspiratuus this morning came to me yet drawing from my past skills of midi manipulation stylus i followed a pattern of almost to the power of integral contrapuntal incorporation of two themes into development of a minimal musical finished product dat uses a formula of contrastre proportion into a final texture dat uses a proceedural say 12345678,12457836,87654321,87542173,12367845,23416785, and so on two themes set agaist themeselves as if trying to accomplish the impossibola by skipping to the RAM witfull shortcuts instead of a full consecutive diametria serial yet musical numeratta run yet only aimed atthe 236(infinity ore squared informattioning) not >236 objectivuus which ix more superhuman and less computer-like. :D
I hope you enjoyt this 1:53 short zimplex/Komplex integratt 2 part invention as if Bach onet yet contemporary exploratta intuu methodological and note as mein usual 90% imagination and 10% puzzlet conceptis decryptta ax Mr. Bach J.S. Thank you fellow kompozers!
Avant-garde / " Possibilities Of Altered Nu Scales " ( fore wishliste )
Hir i illustrate Mozart ~ Beethoven ~ myselph Resounded in a nu Phase inspired bi scale changer pro 2.0
which i sadly miss difficult aquarement-reliable....Also a txt wit link to the web to sf2 for the nwc files to
be done juste. I wish noteworthy had an internal any scale editor so dat my experiments had mor reign
of supremacy to jaust like the immortal phoenix. LolLolLolLolLolLol∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ :)) olso d jpg ix nice as an
inspiring wallpaper fore ur desktop. Thank u!
Instrument Trees / The Nu Dio itree & its produced Zample work
This ix a mere  gm itree where the names of the instruments can exemplify all of them created equal in possibilities in irrelevance more or
less cohesiv and designated to their innate pertinent applications. I Hope sum of you find it helpful or inspiring. Thank you!
General Discussion / "A New NWC 3?"
How about NWC3? Enhancement but not altogether a new notation processor matrix. Designed to alter ever variable of the score by numerological fashions without technical syntax commands but instead a lot of multiple pull-down & right-click presets easily understood by any musician/composer, such as vertical, horizontal, & diagonal retrograde or any combination of the three a once? I suggested this idea of diagonal retrograde to a software engineer from Japan simply because his software did not possess that capacity as a small contribution of mine. But forms of systematic yet diametrical protocols of retrograde are just a few of the ideas for complete(that is like the Michelangelo's Ideaology of the sculptor's stone) as much as possible manipulation of every parameter of the or any nwc score or imported midi file & any number of staffs notes of chords, etc. but at the same time made so simple that once having written the master program all the user has to do is to execute while at the same time making so much short-cuts to his imagination capacity being put to the ultimate test specially then with a notation processor that can do anything one can think of or as much as possible by the mechanics of it's uncanny diametrical written program guided ofcourse by pure mathematics at the same time converted to all the conventional symbols of a musical score which miraculously would not require any more memory that the text format to occupy & install in digital space. I've  a good number of these tons of hypothetical presets but i would have to consult my notes. I posted this as a thank you & general contribution due to my possession of the noteworthy program which is the only one i have sufficiently learned to use  although not even to it's fullest capacity which i think perhaps these ideas would probably have to somewhat be modified or perfected. Thank you for reading this. Just an idea i think might do some good you know. I also think that one very useful right-click on any note or chord would be to instantly modify the pitch between 100 cents. And many others!
Tips & Tricks / Download this PIANO.NWC, the ideal dynamics!
My ppp dynamics in NWC were inaudible, so i set myself to configure the ideal dynamic ratio for the eight dynamics offered in the noteworthy composer template directory which turned out to be 13.1 while PPP=35 & fff still 127 the highest dynamic velocity. I've included the PIANO.NWC template to replace the official one in the templates directory of your noteworthy composer along with an example file for your personal judgment but i think you will find that this new configuration in the staff properties & instrument tab will not only allow the ppp to sound as it was meant to sound or sound at all, but that the overall dynamic proportion is smoother & mathematically ideal amongst a very few others but i found ppp to equate 35 is just right & that 127 is the only mathematical flaw as it was increased by a dynamic velocity of 14 while the rest from ppp=35 to ff was 13 therefore for the most part symmetrical. I will as of today begin to use this new configuration & i hope this is of some use to you all noteworthy musicians. Thanks!
General Discussion / The Philosophy of the fugue family
This is an essay for noteworthy kompozers to enlighten them in fugal explorations:The latin origin of the word fugue, it implies a sort of battle between two or more parties each one representing an imitative voice, thus the initial theme attempts to flee while the eminent imitation chases the theme in a simultaneous yet harmonious manner. If we are to consider what the fugue means, it seems to be a jousting of warfare which if a piece is not a fugue or a variant of the fuga family, then is there a war present or not otherwise something different taking place? Perhaps not a war & if a war, then perhaps the mechanics of warfare are being represented in a set of different warfare protocols.There seems to be a controlled warfare for while the main theme remains dominant first introduced to have total control over the enemy & the auxilliary imitations remaining retardant. Thus the physics of counterpoint can be officially altered thus obliterating retardant imitations & various scenarios where the dominant theme can be counterpointed from the beginning thus an equal juxtaposition initially & instead of retardant imitations, differential respondents or simultaneous differential points of attack to an otherwise predictable aftermath of warfare known as the old fugue of musical & mirroring non-musical supremacy of always the victor & always the defeated. Thus these contrapuntal emotive ideologies one can intellectually & creatively alter the war-zone or not necessarily a war-zone by kings & queens to rather different scenarios, twists & turns, & concepts that them mere fugal family was designed to forbid due to security issues.Thus the reformist, innovatist, visionary, or avant-garde can provide fascinating & even humorous imagery & new concepts with his new fugal logic while the fugal variant can remain & seen for the 1st time in the way it has always been since the monarchy of the baroque era.
General Discussion / How to innovate the art of the fugue
" Thiz ix an example short fugue made with NWC 2.0 with the soundblaster soundcard though it might still sound good on realtek. It exemplifies the discipline of the art of fugue while at the same time an innovative approach using the simple articulative tools of noteworthy kompozer. I post thiz 2 give an ideology, a hint of how much the fugue could be enhanced which ix what i've been trying to do 4 a long time since i sometimes get not an annoyance but an awakening hear over & over the same old laws of counterpoint. I hope you enjoy it, & if you want to open a dialogue concerning thiz topic, please e-mail me. "

P.S. " I've also included the entire score( Prelude & Fuga ) also in the motive to present fugal renovation. "
General Discussion / " For The Noteworthy Owner "
" I wish to present these ideas to you for your evaluation whether they possibles or impossibles or what you think of them whether they would be an asset to you & nwc.
Instrument Trees / " The Sorcerer itree "
 " I urge you to add this tree to your itree directory. It only focuses on Gm,GS, & MT-32, However it is elegant, intellectual, scientific, funny, mind-boggling, but most importantly inspirational for a broader spectrum of musical possibilities. Tell me what you think of this elaborate construction. I hope you enjoy it! "

 Virtually, Kristoval Luzius Amadat Krissagrim

 P.S. " Sorry, i've made an error on the tree, but corrected it, so download it again. Thank You!

 Yet, another modification, hopefully the last one!
  Here is also an example of how my tree can inspire different music. It is cruxial that concert hall reverb be applied. Its a nwc2.1 file.