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I bought NWC on CD in Aug 2016.   I still have the product authentication code, but new computer has no optical drive.  Is it possible to download NWC onto new computer?

I read a thread on this same topic from 3 weeks ago.  Using the setup file method might work, but I'd try only as a last resort.  The advice implies that NWC is no longer being supported.  Is that true?

Many thanks!  Peg M
I recently had to reinstall NWC 2.75.  I get a message that I need to upgrade.  Message says directions are in the Help menu.  But I don't see them.  How do I upgrade?  I'll pay, if necessary!
Many thanks!
Hi all,
What music scanning software do people on this forum like best?  Score to be scanned is a choral piece--4 parts plus reduction.  This is for my own personal use--not to be shared with others!

If there is a recent post with recommendations for music scanning software, please direct me to it.  All the posts I can find are very old.

Many thanks in advance, Peg M

Hi all,
I'm working with rest chords.  Please see attached picture.  Notice that quarter rest is too large to fit into space between upper and lower notes of octave.  Is there any way to adjust the size of the rest--so that it doesn't cover the notes? 

I was able to adjust the stem length of the eighth notes so that they fit nicely in between the upper and lower ties.

Many thanks!  Peg M