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Tips & Tricks / Repeat Clever Trick revisited
Hello all,

I was struggling with "Mon amant de Saint Jean", which I am putting into Noteworthy and Midi for a French choir.
The structure of the verses, refrain, bridge and coda is:
   B C   E
   B        F

Then, I remembered that I had a Noteworthy file with "repeat" somewhere in its name. "Repeat Clever Trick.nwc," it was called.
It was not quite what I wanted, but the idea was good.
From that, I created another flow-demo, and you will find the clip here. (Another flow from what I described above, but the idea is the same.)
One certain R.G. may have found more ways of doing it, and I will be happy to see if that is the case! Well, here goes Trick.


cheers, Rob
General Discussion / A little problem
Hi folks,

Today I used Eduard van Hengel's site to find the rehearsal Midi's of Bach Cantata Nr 147. The opening part is in 6/4. The beaming is not pretty; it should be in quarters. Two eights, four sixteenths, and eighth and a sixteenth per beam. Unfortunately, the beams were much longer. Well, I can fix that, I thought...
- Mark a staff
- Ctrl-B (now all the beaming is gone)
- Tools, Automatic Beam.
Well, duh. The Extra Long Beams were there again! I had to resort to
- Change the time to 2/4
- Mark a staff
- Ctrl-B to un-beam again
- Tools, Automatic Beam
- Change the time back to 6/4
- View. Refresh - because Noteworthy is now a bit confused.
Repeat for other staves.

So I fixed my little predicament myself, but I was a bit surprised by the behaviour. But OK, I will put it down as a feature, not a bug.
General Discussion / NWC2STDA font in a table
Hi all,

Today, when rummaging through paper, I found an HTML page with some JavaScript in it.
I added a table for better display. Maybe it's completely useless, but I found it fun.
Create DisplayFont.html with the text below and view in a browser. (And I do not know who the writer of the original is... Anyone?)


<title>The Noteworthy NWC2STDA Font</title>

NWC2STDA font<br><br>

<table border=1>
<script language="javascript">
for (var i=41;i<=150;i++) {
  document.write("<td> &nbsp;" + i + " &#" + i + "; <font face=NWC2STDA size=+4>&#" + i + ";</font> &nbsp;</td>");
    if (!(i % 10))

End of font display.
Tips & Tricks / Putting the "p" in its proper place
Hi all,
Today I was aligning a "p" for piano, when the thought occurred: Can this be done differently? And it can.


It's all about the invisible grace rest. Without it, the p does not end in its proper place. Moving it to the right with spaces is cumbersome and imprecise.
Enjoy (even if it is an existing little trick.)
General Discussion / Could not find "dotted quarter = quarter" symbol
I thought the Swingdings font had it, but I could not find it there: the little symbol, placed above a system, indicating a tempo change.
In the specific case: dotted quarter equals quarter.
The Swingdings font has a few of these, but is there more, somewhere?
thanks, Rob.

General Discussion / Staff gap - what I want, but not quite
Hello all,
I am trying to notate a page. It is too big for attachments in this forum, so I stored it here:
The gap is what I need, but the original has braces and brackets. I cannot (yet) put the brackets after the gap, as the original has it.
I tried combinations of layering and gaps, but so far without success. Does anyone have a working example for me please?
bgrgd, Rob
General Discussion / Staff labels struggle (is over)
Hi all,
I needed to have a two-line staff label. Maybe it has been done before, but this is how I did it.
On screen it is terrible, but preview and print are fine by me.
cheers, Rob.
General Discussion / Notation of Der Wanderer, some difficulties
Hello all,
I feel like a newbie these days. This score:
has common time, but it is at the same time a 12/8 rhythm. That makes it a bit difficult to dot the quarters.
[edit] in fact, that is not very hard to get right with hidden time signatures and some hidden rests. [/edit]

Also, I could not find the crossbar of the dotted quarters in the available fonts. Am I overlooking a symbol?
best regards, Rob
General Discussion / Bar, old style
Hello all,
I am trying to notate this piece of music. There are two things I cannot (yet) get right:
The Rossignol, PDF has barlines between the staves. Also, notes can run across a bar.
Leaving the barlines out causes NWC to space the bars out very much.
This is how far I got: Rossignol, NWC

I did not find the proper discussion about this yet - did I overlook something?
best regards, Rob
General Discussion / Garritan Personal Orchestra
Hi guys,

In a 2005 topic, I read "I just picked up GPO a couple of days ago.  It works like a charm with NWC.

In NWC: Options --> MIDI tab.  Add GPO 1-8 to playback devices.  Selcet desired channels.

Open Garritan Personal Studio, not Garritan Personal Orchestra.  Click Player 1.  Load desired voice.  Switch channel to match NWC (it's only labeled with a tiny icon that looks like the end of a MIDI cable).  Repeat for other instruments.

Play piece in NWC.  Voila!  Beautiful instruments!"

but I do not see GPO 1-8. (Vista here.) Any suggestions please?
General Discussion / Note stops playing

I was rehearsing the tenor part of "St John's Passion", when in bar 84 of "01-Lord.nwc", all of a sudden the tenor voice stops!
It's on the Scrypto, here:

There is no channel conflict; muting one or more of the instruments brings back the tenor-sound, but what is going on?
Or could it be just this computer (haven't tried to emulate the problem on another computer, yet?)

General Discussion / Where are all those Bach cantatas?
Hi all,
I can spend hours searching the Internet for .nwc files of Bach cantatas, or even Midi-files.
So far, I have not found that many. For instance, we are currently working on cantata 37 (Wer da glaubet und getauft wird). In PDF, everything is available... but Noteworthy? Sadly, no.
Or am I overlooking sources?
General Discussion / One of those conversion questions
Hi all,
A friend asks me "p.s. kan jij finale-bestandjes omzetten naar midi? Kan ik dit zelf misschien?"
Can you convert finale-files to Midi? Could I do this myself maybe?

I have searched the forum and found much - but not what I need. I just tried Harmony Assistant, but the export capabilities of the trial version consist of a few bars only.
Is there another way of converting .mus to Midi, or better still, to .nwc? Maybe to Music XML?

General Discussion / Audacity
Hello all,
Lots of us use Audacity - I have seen the name mentioned often enough.
Today, I ran into "audacity" in a non-musical sense. Funny enough to mention it:
look at
as more pictures get added, the picture goes down on the page, eventually it goes to page 2, and so on...
so you may have to rummage a bit.
General Discussion / Messe a trois voix
Hello NWC-enthusiasts,
At I found the "Messe a trois voix" by Caplet.
The problem with these Midi-files is that they start with 3/8 rests - which are not easy to get rid of.
I fed the Midi-file into a very old version of Midisoft Studio, but as this is mainly a Windows 95 program it does not work well anymore.
It only accepts small portions (one staff at a time, or less) and crashes easily.
The advantage of Midisoft Studio is that it combines notes that were tied across bar lines - not always a desired behaviour, but in this case exactly what I want.
Removing the rest in Noteworthy does not work too well; I am still stuck with many tied notes.

Any suggestions for such a task: is another Midi-editor an option, should I go for a very clever user tool - or am I overlooking something?
cheers, Rob.