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Topics - aboltenko

General Discussion / Chord Identifier
I sing barbershop and notate in four part harmony, like this - see attached. I wonder if there is a way to identify the chords. I was told  that Finale does it. Can NoteWorthy do the same?

Alexander Boltenko

Tips & Tricks / Melody Transfer
I'm doing notations for barbershop 4-part harmony scores where occasionally the melody drops from lead to other parts which in Finale is shown by a dashed line from one staff to another, like in the attached file. I wonder if NWC creative minds came up with something similar.

General Discussion / iPad/iPhone
Any word on any possibly future app based on NW Viewer to play NWC files on iPad or iPhone? At the moment I convert them to mp3 files but would like to listen and follow the lyrics on the screen. And another related question - will Apple version ever materialize?

recently converted PC-to-Mac user