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General Discussion / end on steff
I want the staff to end with a master repeat close  but it enter the repeat and then closes with a standard close  so both closes show up
General Discussion / Transposing
I Am trying to transpose a piece of music from C for an Eb instrument  ? I wrote the first staff in C then added a new staff and copied the first staff to the 2nd staff to transpose One problem is when I play both staffs in C I get 2 different tones even though they are in the same key.. when I transpose the 2nd staff to "A" it comes up with 3 sharp but at the lower tone of the 2nd staff What am I doing wrong

General Discussion / small staff
I started to enter a new tune on a new staff the problem was the new staff came up about 3/8 of an inch wide. the only way I could enlarge it was to go to a print option of about 45
Wha  Happened ?????
General Discussion / 2 questions
1 can I mark a topic read after reading it
2 how does one open the coded examples shown in responses
Thank You
General Discussion / *copying to the desktop
When I copy A piece for 1st 2nd and 3rd Violin on one screen then copy it on the desktop to separate the parts the copy comes on the desk top as a BAK file which I cannot open.  Am I doing something wrong ?
General Discussion / updates
I just downloaded the latest updates and saw changes in the discussion group page However as I was entering notes on a staff my computer went crazy with the pointer jumping all over the desktop and the staff went out of to the left The repair shop said it sounds like a software problem. I am asking to see if anyone had a problem Thanks
General Discussion / deleted music
Is there a way to have a deleted piece of music to be sent to the recycling bin instead of just disappearing.  Having accidently deteted a part of a score it would be nice if it could be restored                 Rik B
General Discussion / opening in NWC
When I use "select and then download" as in "Flurmy's pedal question.. it comes up as a text messages instead of opening in NWC showing a staff etc. Am I doing something wrong?       Dick B
General Discussion / "Silint Night" counter melody
Back in the 50's I remember hearing a counter melody to the Carol "Silent Night"
Do any of you know the Title of that piece as I would like to find it and enter the notation in NWC

                                Many thanks and Happy Holidays to all
General Discussion / Why Noteworthy
I just finished re-reading "Why do you use Noteworthy Composer"... Would'nt it be great if Eric shared his bio and about his startup days developing the program?

General Discussion / noteworthy player
Although I havn't user it in quite awhile I cannot seem to find noteworthy player. Is it a thing of the past and has something replaced it?      Rik
General Discussion / note colors
Is there a way to "lock" the default color of notes. When I accidently change the color it is rather a pain toget it back to default?
                                                                           Thanx   Rik
General Discussion / Beamed notes
Say I have 3-4, 1/8 notes stems up and beamed and below them I have 3-4, 1/8 notes stems down. only 1 set can be beamed.  Is there a way to beam both upper and lower sets ?
                                                                           Thanx Rik
Version 1.75 Discussion / SEPERATING A FILE
One of my noteworthy folders contains over 700 songs with parts saved alphabetically. I would like to devide it into 2 files/folders A-l and M-Z.
Does anyone know a shortcut or way doing this besides deleting one song at a time ? Highlighting by groups does'nt work
General Discussion / toolbars
Is there any way to increase the size of the toolbars? My age is catching up with me
Thank Dick
General Discussion / nwc 2
I purchased a new computer winh Windows 7 and sent for and received my nwc2 disc and installed it in win 7 the problem is that whenever i click on the nwc2 icon it opens the MY DOCS folder. Ihave been unable to correct it ...Any ideas. Fortunately i backed everything up and can access it through the backup file but cannot open nwc directly...Any ideas ?
Thanks Dick
General Discussion / deleting discussion group messages
I currently have 308 pages of comments in the discusssion group and I would like to delete at least half of them I tried the "mark all as read" at the bottom of the pages but nothing changed.

General Discussion / Password
Can I change my password in nwc
  THANX                        Rick
General Discussion / Instrument trees
Help!! Itried to enten different instruments to an arrangement for brass that I am working and found the list of instruments has disappeared. How can I recover it. It has been quiet awhile since I was in NWC. Has something changed?

General Discussion / possible bug
working with the treble clef I entered a dotted 1/8 note on "b" I then inserted quarter note on "a" as a chord member, when i did so the dot for the 1/8 note was showing  on the quarter note as a dotted quarter
Thanks rik
General Discussion / initiating new topic
First of all Thank You David for answering my question and again I apologise for cutting in on another persons topic.

My question is:
Whenever I bring up music which I entered into NWC and make a change in the score I receive a message that the piece was written on an older version of NWC and may not be playable after it is saved even though it was entered using NWC 2 which i have been using for a long time. Thanx Rik
General Discussion / reading examples
Since the new forum stsrted i have been unable to see examples sent in by other users. I create a staff in n.w.c and hilight the example acd try to copy and paste the example onto the staff but nothing happens. What changed ?
General Discussion / playing music copied onto disc
I backed my music files onto a cd and when i try to open it up i recieve a message stating that this music was notated on an older version  of nwc and are not playable. I have been on ver 2 for more than a year.??? help!