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General Discussion / I have tried personifying NoteWorthy Composer ;)
(See attachment, please.)

Again, long time no access :)
Just in subject, I've tried personifying NWC.

My Internet friends made me to do that :)
They may think I wouldn't put on the forum. (And now I'm posting :D)

Sorry for being poor at drawing. ;(

Tips & Tricks / Color Presets (For version 2.1, 2.5.x)

Quote from: readme.txt
These files are only available in version 2.1, 2.5.x.
Other versions may not recognize these presets.
You can freely use, copy, or distribute them which are not under warranty of any kind.

Screen shots version: 2.5.2


Presents by Project Design & Sesirine


Thanks for downloading these NoteWorthy Composer color presets :)
(Beta tested since 2010; Now available)

These files have *.reg extension which can change your NWC color.
With 3 themes and 13 files, you can enjoy the colorful notes and music!

How to use:

1. Go to 'Screen Shot' and view HTML file.
2. Choose what you want.
3. Execute NoteWorthy Composer and open nwc format files.
4. Enjoy!


2012 Sesirine. Since 2008.08.08
Designed by Yoon-ei Kim (1996-) from South Korea

(Please download the attached file.)

General Discussion / Forum Dormant User?
Reading old posts and topics, I sometimes see 'dormant' users such as 'Dormant NWC2 User' or 'Dormant Virtuoso'.
What does 'dormant' actually mean in this forum?
General Discussion / Strange Cursor Position?
(See Attachment)

I felt the cursor position strange long time ago...
Cursor position in the last capture scene shows [4 of 4/4 Bar 1] hasn't reached the whole rest.

When working in Viewer Mode, I'd been inconvenient because of that.
General Discussion / Happy New Year
In here GMT +09:00, it's almost 6 p.m.
Many people celebrete the new year, and I've enjoyed traditional meals ;)

I wish all of you have a nice days and year, so I made a new song!
I hope you enjoy this bright song...

Also thinking the song uploading to Scripto, but I don't have ability to translate the lyrics :(

And To Everybody, Happy New Year!
From Cheonan, South Korea

General Discussion / (Something wrong in) Piano Bar inserting
Long time no access.

...and long time no compose.

Recently, I started to make new piece of music, and inserted the notes mostly by using piano bar.
But there was a problem ...something wrong.

<Image Link>

My new music had a lot of triplets.
When I insert new notes by piano bar, the bar line doesn't appear in one click insert!

Of course, I finished composing, but during I felt inconvenient.
Why does the problem like this appear?

p.s. And also long time no English-use.
I've been learning Japanese for 6 months, so I'm confused of the word order, vocabularies, etc.
So this post can be more awkward than the old posts.

It became difficult to access frequently for me, so replies can be late.
If possible, I will reply through my cell phone.
General Discussion / Slur and Triplet
<See attachment>

At the red-circled area, the slurs look not so good - the slur moves so exaggerated-ly.
(and I'm not so good at expression.. :-D)

And I don't like the triplets' shape. The beam direction and the triplet direction aren't same.
General Discussion / Wireless Access
Like this post reply, the Message icon shows a cellphone. -Maybe it's meaning wireless access...

So I accessed to the forum through my cellphone, but some images don't appear.

Is there any special URL of this forum for mobile users?
General Discussion / Piano Bar Highlight-2
I already said that when pressing F4, the channel 16 highlights.

This may sound the same, but when cursor is either at the ch 10 or ch 16, and press F4, the highlight responds to ch 16.

<See attachment>
General Discussion / Summer time?
Does this site apply summer time?
Yesterday I had to modify the local time, 'cause I don't live in summertime-applying country.

When does the forum apply it?

General Discussion / Dot position

The position of the dots looks odd...
...and double-dotted looks even odder.
General Discussion / Dot bug in Clusters
I wanted to make "Full Key Cluster", and I used two staves.
But it appears like the attachment.
The dots are in the place off the wall.

(See attachment)
General Discussion / Piano Highlight Suggestion
Although I've changed colors through Windows -> Option -> Color, the Piano Highlight Color doesn't change.
I do want to change the Piano Highlight.

(See Attachment)
General Discussion / Hyphen in Lyric

Hi. I'm making a drum template with some kits(Standard, Room, etc.) and inserting lyric for each drum names.
I have to hyphen some drum, but it comes with two notes.
For example: "Hi-Hat Close, Hi-Hat Pedal, etc"

So, How can I insert hyphened lyric in one note?

p.s. I also tried using Unicode and ANSI codes, but it always says "?" question mark.
General Discussion / Arpeggio?

Maybe this would not be called arpeggio, but when we play it watching the piano bar, there are two stuck notes.
If viewed with different program which uses Piano Roll, the outcome image is attached.

General Discussion / Tie Conflict (2)

The tie conflicts one another, and also:


If I change visibilities of grace notes, still, the ties look strange.


How can I do? Thanks in advance.
General Discussion / Tie Error?
Quote from: "Bar 164 - 167"

The whole file is attached - at bar 164-167, You can see that some ties don't work properly.
If you play that template, the sound is odd.

But if viewed with NWC1.xx, it works properly.

p.s. I don't know that this song is. Can you tell me the title?
General Discussion / Note Conflict [as notehead shape]

As notehead shape or color, we can see them conflict.
User Tools / Unjazzify
Code: [Select · Download]

If ran "unjazzify" user tool, only the notes on bar 1 works.
Doesn't RestChord works?
General Discussion / Automatic Beam doesn't work for these notes

"These notes" means grace notes with spilt chords.
I have no idea why I made grace-noted-spilt-chord, but if not in grace notes,
the Automatic Beam works.
Also, if the grace notes were not spilt chords, it works, too.

General Discussion / Transpositions and Piano Control
When striking the notes by clicking piano control, "the note pitch for insert" appears to be false.
The clicking sound and the playback sounds different.

|Clef|Type:Treble|OctaveShift:Octave Up
|Clef|Type:Treble|OctaveShift:Octave Down

On bar 1 - 3, the representation of the piano control is normal, but on bar 4, it's not.
If the transposition is modulated in "Properties in Staff", the result is same.
General Discussion / Piano bar
When pressing F5 key, the piano bar works,
but pressing F4 key, it doesn't work.

Even pressing F4 to record one of my composition, the piano bar's movement shows different channel.

The file - It has only ch 1. (See attachment)
Press F4. How does it show?

[attachment deleted by user]
General Discussion / Two dots on three notes

One dot overlaps with other dot on pos 1.
I think the overlapped dot should be on pos 3.
General Discussion / Tie Conflict
I've seen some of tie conflicts from my works, such as:
Quote from: Treble
Quote from: Bass

On treble staff, the note in the pos B(0) at the second place looks strange.
On bass staff, the (almost) same phenomenon appears.

Can I change only a tie of a note?
General Discussion / Unknown Command
I'm currently using Beta 19, and new toolbars (such as Colors, Piano, etc.) show 'Unknown Command' and not able to run them.

<Image Link>

Clicking 'Unknown' buttons, there says:

"NWGetSpecialFolderPath 'C://Documents and Settings\user\My Documents' 1" and, "NWGetSpecialFolderPath 'C://Documents and Settings\user\Application Data' 1".
General Discussion / Note stems going up

When I go to |Tools|Audit Note Stems|, the stems go up.
I've posted similar topic before, but I knew something newrecently... Going-up stems..

They become:
General Discussion / Burden
Sometimes a song can have a burden. How can I put burden in one vocal line?
General Discussion / Stuck notes that can't be shut off
File's here <click>

This file is one of my compositions. There are some pedal commands, so some notes can be stuck after stop playing(F6 key).
So we can press 'Stop' key once again to shut off these notes.

<Image Link>

9th staff(Staff-8) includes pedals. If this staff gets played, and stopped, the pedal sound still remains.
Tips & Tricks / Hiding pedal marks
The example file is attached on here.

When the file is opened, go to File -> Page Setup...
You can find another staff hidden.

<Image Link>

Set the channel of three staves. They must be same.

<Image Link>

Pedal (sus) is a sort of Controller, so if you set the channels same, the piano sound will be pedal-ed.

General Discussion / "Audit Note Stems" doesn't work for these notes

They are musically incorrect, from upward stems.
To be correct, their stems must be downward.

Audit Note Stems doesn't work for these notes.
General Discussion / Bug: Extra note spacing when change the stems

As seeing the attachment, each spacings of notes are different.

<Image Link>
Perhaps if they are selected, the stem icons shouldn't be useable or clickable.

Tips & Tricks / Seperating notes in a measure
<Image Link>

It's easy. You can just insert a bar line which is checked 'Visibility - Never', and 'Exclude From Bar Count'.

Code: [Select · Download]
|Font|Style:Staff Italic|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:10|Bold:Y|Italic:Y|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:Staff Bold|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:Y|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:Staff Lyric|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:7|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:Page Title Text|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:24|Bold:Y|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:Page Text|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:12|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:Page Small Text|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:User 1|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:User 2|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:User 3|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:User 4|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:User 5|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:User 6|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|StaffProperties|EndingBar:Section Close|Visible:Y|BoundaryTop:12|BoundaryBottom:12|Lines:5|Style:Standard|Layer:N|Color:Default


p.s. I've not been here for a while. I had a swine flu.
Now I got better.

General Discussion / Notes overlapping

The two notes look overlapped.
General Discussion / A Special Search for Members
I have a strange habit... (it's searching for stranger!)

In the list of members, the top of the list says: Status, Username, Email, Website, ICQ, AIM, YIM, MSN, Position, Date Registered, and Posts. I've clicked all of them, but I want something more.

For example, Last Active, Gender, Age, etc.

Thank you.

General Discussion / NWPlayer Note Stem Length Bug
<embed type="application/x-mplayer2" src="" EnableContextMenu="false" align="middle" transparentatstart="0" showpositioncontrols="1" showcontrols="1" autosize="0" autostart="false" animationatstart="0" showdisplay="0" ShowCaptioning="true" authoresize="0" showstatusbar="1" showtracker="1" width="600" height="400" volume="0"></embed>

If you are unable to view, please click <here>

So, I have more than 100 midi files, and two of them (including this) has the same problem.
Importimg them to NWC1, the bug still remains. Not NWC2.

Why is that stem longer? Is it an error? Or just a bug?

General Discussion / I've made a composition...
Y'all know my English is not good...bad.
I'm so sorry for asking these questions, but please reply to me.

I've made a composition.
It has lyrics. But it's English.
Are the lyric sentences right with grammar?

Here the lyric goes -

D'ya believe that magic can happen
Or you dream your own fantasy
I believe that your dream comes true soon
That it is the world as you dreamt

Nevertheless we are not together
Or our dreams are much far away
I believe that our dreams come true soon
That it now could be yours and mine

Sometimes we're desperate
Even feeling like dying away
But I think that it's the world as we dreamt

When I draw my imagination
I used to draw an another world
Surrounded with pretty clouds and rainbows
I wanna believe it exists

Walkin' along the narrow road
Which makes me meditate somethin'
Then I think the world is beautiful
That it now could be yours and mine

Sometimes we're desperate
Even feeling like dying away
But I think that it's the world as we dreamt

I know that I love you
Now go into the world
That it's the world as we dreamt

- So, are they right? Want me to attach the nwc file?
Here it goes, click here.

I'm an idiot, so you will have to reply correctly.(Kidding.^^)
I trust you all.