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General Discussion / Is there a way... to collapse and cancel it within a system?
I'm writing for choir - versicles and responses - and I don't want to start a new line every time the choir parts come in.
But if I collapse the staves and uncollapse them without starting a new line, then the empty staves are still visible.
I want something like the attached where they actually disappear until wanted.
Tips & Tricks / Change dynamics font size
I would like my dynamics markings e.g. "mp" to be smaller relative to the staff size.
But it appears from other posts that these are always in the "system" font, not one I can control the size of like "staff italic".
Is there a trick for this?  Or am I missing something very obvious (apologies)?
General Discussion / Cut and paste all staves
I can see one or two references to this obvious request, e.g. wish list going back 15 years, but no definite answer.
When composing, as opposed to merely transcribing, moving passages around is essential.
That's really awkward one staff at a time.

Ideally we should be able to select multiple bar number(s) at the top and "rt-click copy" all items in all staves in those bar(s).
Then rt-click the target bar, and choose "paste before" or "paste after".

Is something like this under consideration?
General Discussion / "Force system break" appearance - feature request?
I'd like a new option, when forcing a system break on a bar line, to do so either with or without extending the previous system to the end of the line.

If I have a piece in more than one section (e.g. movements in a suite), or a number of snippets (e.g. choral responses), then each line often should not be extended to the page width - to do so makes it unreadable if it is just a few bars (measures).

I don't think this is possible at present.  Does anyone know a workaround?

This feature would be comparable with the page setup option "extend last system" - i.e. it could be called "extend previous system" (currently the default behaviour) and should be a check-box applicable when setting "force system break" on a bar line.

My requirements might not be typical of course.  But this would be really useful for me.  Currently I have to have separate song files for each snippet or section in a piece of music to achieve the printed appearance I want.
General Discussion / Section break extends system
I write some scores which have a large number of short sections (e.g. choral responses for use in church), and would like to be able to start a new system without the previous one becoming strangely elongated to the right margin.

Some years ago I made a suggestion that the system break should optionally extend the system to the right margin, or else finish in the middle of the line as it would naturally at the end of the whole piece. In other words, a similar control to the "extend last system" option.

I hoped this would be included in v2 but apparently hasn't.  NWC people, is there any plan to do this?
Is there any clever way round this problem people have found?