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Topics - Peter (aka Bootlebarth)

General Discussion / Recovery after Windows10 issues
I have been a long time nwc user who lapsed for a while after jumping into Lilypond. I got as far as updating to 2.75 before my trials and tribulations with various Windows 10 OS issues.

After recent factory rebuilds I have been using nwc as an efficient way to generate scores to be titivated in Lilypond. The issue I have is that I have re-installed 2.75 from backups but there is no data to indicate I have a registered version that can be updated to 2.75a.

My records did not have the username /password for this forum but that has been restored via my email address.

I do have a record "access2004" associated with a passsword maybe this could be the missing link if so how do I reactivate my registration.

Thanks for reading this far....
General Discussion / 2.5 update fails
I have updated to version 2.5 on my desktop but when I try the same on my laptop which reports version 2.1 I get an error message that the version is either corrupted or the files size is wrong. This is a problem since I now cannot edit files that have been saved on the desktop under version 2.5. Does anyone know how to correct this or will I have to go way back to my CD version and upgrade from there?
User Tools / Bar Numbers
I have started to put several movements into one nwc file to simplify printing and save a bit of paper now that I have a printer that will print on both sides of the paper.

This means that bar numbers do not agree with printouts of individual movements and causes some debate amongst the group....

I have had a preliminary look to see how I could achieve equanimity and the barnumberdemo looks like a possible route to follow. However what I would really like to do is to reset the internal bar counter at say a double bar.

The bar number appears in a clip as a context object which seems to take a single value from the start of the clip. Is there any way that the bar count for each clip item can be retrieved and possibly re-set?

I suspect this may not be possible and would appreciate being put out of my misery at an early stage if I am barking up the wrong tree.

I continue to spread the word re NWC but it is surprising how people can be put off by the low cost prefering to pay seven or eight times as much for very (finale) little extra.
General Discussion / Sound Card for Vista?
I have been looking for a suitable sound card to improve the playback quality. I prepare scores for a small woodwind group and like to play along with NWC to explore the playability of the scores.

Many folks recommend the Creative Extreme Gamer card but many also caution against attempting to install it in a Vista system.

I have a Dell Dimension C521 with AMD Athlon 64 X2 DCP 4200+ 2.2GHz with 2 GB memory running 32 bit Vista Home Premium.

Since these cards are not cheap and compatibility issues abound can anyone recommend where I should go (steady on there) from practical experience.

I have played with a Garritan software trial which was incredible but way beyond my budget sadly.
User Tools / adp_GlobalMod.php and accidentals
When trying to alter the pitch of notes (say outside a range) adp_GlobalMod behaves oddly when the note has an accidental. Instaed of lowering the pitch by say -7 it sets the Pos to -7.

Has anyone found a solution. I am struggling to learn php and understand how GlodalMod works if I find a solution before my brain fails I will post it.
General Discussion / VSTSynthFont.dll
I have been using this plugin for a while - recently AVG has decided it is infected with SHeur2.YFN but that trojan horse is not in the AVG catalogue.

Is it a false positive or a real infection?

Now that AVG has cleaned this file up I cannot download it from as it no longer exists there.

but i can attempt to download from

but AVG cleans it up and refuses to let me save it, arghh.

I would value some guidance maybe update Lawrie Pardy's Help file??
General Discussion / MIDI import has key and time signatures in every bar
I have looked for this topic and hope it hasn't been raised before. I have imported from MID to nwc but am rather baulking at the effort of deleting the key and time sigs from each bar. Can I use a user script to do this or is there another way to manage the MID file import?