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General Discussion / Reinstalling on new computer
Hi. I have bought a new computer - Windows 7 - and am trying to move NWC to it. I originally bought NWC 1.75, and then the upgrade to NWC2. The instructions say install 1.75 first, and then upgrade on the new computer; but I can't install 1.75 on a Windows 7 system. If I try just running the upgrader it says I need 2.1 installed - I don't remember NWC 2.1. Is there any way round all this, or do I just bite the bullet and buy a new copy?
General Discussion / Play Toolbar Buttons

Is there any way of putting the 'Play from current measure', 'Play from two measures back', 'Play from start' etc options on toolbar buttons? I find I'm swapping quite frequently between them, and getting a shade bored with 'Tools>Options'. It's probably buried in the toolbar customisation, but I just can't spot it.

General Discussion / Four-line staves and leger lines
I am trying to write some plainsong. I have suppressed the note stems successfully, and I can fake the plainsong clef as a "common time" mark and an invisible alto clef; and I can set the staff to be a four-line staff not five. But the leger lines seem to go wrong, and I can't see why.

I think this is the relevant bit of the file:

|StaffProperties|EndingBar:Section Close|Visible:Y|BoundaryTop:12|BoundaryBottom:12|Lines:4|Style:Standard|Layer:N|Color:Highlight 1

The two Gs just before the end should be on leger lines, but either the lines are missing or they are too short to show.
What am I doing wrong, please?
General Discussion / Hidden clefs and alignment
When I hide clefs (along with the keysignature and time signature) in order to layer it with a visible staff for cues, trills and the like, the alignment with the corresponding visible items on other staves changes. This does not affect printing, (obviously!) but it does make the layered visible staff messy. Is there a reason for this behaviour, what are the rules it follows, and can I turn it off?
General Discussion / Wide Spacing
I do a fair amount of mediaeval music, including therefore some plainsong sections, which I set with stemless notes. While the ordinary note spacing is fine for normal music, stemless notes look a long way apart. Can I close them up in any way? I hioped the Extra Space option would help, but it only seems to accept positive values, not negative ones.