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General Discussion / Getting NWC Output to SynthFont
I've searched the forum but couldn't find a solution (that I could understand).  Can anyone help with this?

It's on Windows XP.  Installed is SynthFont, Midi-Yoke, and Midi-OX.

NWC doesn't show SynthFont as an output option (Tools-Options menu).  It does show the 8 outputs to Midi-Yoke.

Midi-OX shows the 8 inputs and 8 outputs for Midi-Yoke.  But nowhere is SynthFont listed. 

All the programs are seen as installed in XP. 

The objective is to get NWC to output to SynthFont.  I'm at a loss for what to do next.

Many thanks for helping.

... Joe

General Discussion / Boxmarks Questions
A couple of questions about using the fonts:  Boxmarks and Boxmark2.

   ...  The Scriptorium shows Boxmark2 is still a Beta release.  Are there any further developments pending (especially any that would change existing character allocations)?

   ...  Mostly addressed to Eric:  Any chance of getting Boxmark2 (or Boxmarks) included with the NWC package?

If I understand it properly (maybe don't), in order to use Boxmark2 (or Boxmarks) it's an extra step for NWC or NW Viewer users to go to a second web site.  They can't have either font as part of the download/install from the NoteWorthy home site. 

So somewhere in the NWC music file, say in the Info field, a note needs to included -- go get a separate file, from a separate web site, and know how to install a TTF file.  Otherwise you'll have some strange-looking characters in your music score.

That seems like a lot of overhead, when you've got to get the score to multiple readers.

Couldn't/shouldn't either of those fonts be included in the NWC distribution?

Please forgive me if one or the other is already there included with NWC --  I don't recall when I installed them, perhaps years ago.

Many thanks for ideas,


General Discussion / Special Endings with Lyrics
Need some help here ...

   ...  A song -- with two verses of lyrics.
   ...  A Master Repeat -- with a first ending and a second ending.

The notes follow the repeat, no problem.  The lyrics don't.

Here's the clip:

Code: (nwc) [Select · Download]
|SongInfo|Title:"Lyrics Test"|Author:"Joe"|Lyricist:""|Copyright1:""|Copyright2:""
|Font|Style:Staff Italic|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:10|Bold:Y|Italic:Y|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:Staff Bold|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:Y|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:Staff Lyric|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:7|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:Page Title Text|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:24|Bold:Y|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:Page Text|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:12|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:Page Small Text|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:User 1|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:User 2|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:User 3|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:User 4|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:User 5|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|Font|Style:User 6|Typeface:"Times New Roman"|Size:8|Bold:N|Italic:N|CharSet:0
|StaffProperties|EndingBar:Section Close|Visible:Y|BoundaryTop:12|BoundaryBottom:24|Lines:5|Style:Standard|Layer:N|Color:Default
|Lyrics|Placement:Bottom|Align:Standard Rules|Offset:0
|Lyric1|Text:"Now\r\nHere is the first verse.\r\n"
|Lyric2|Text:"Here\'s the sec-ond verse.\r\n"

- - -

What am I missing?  Many thanks for the help,


General Discussion / 'Page Break' in Printing

Does anyone know how to create a page break when printing?

A score here needs to start a given bar/measure at the top of the next page when it's sent to the printer.

The Editor's "Force System Break (Top Staff only)" works as expected -- it forces the break in the flow and begins the next bar/measure at the left margin.

But what we need is to get that bar/measure to begin on a new page in the printout.

I've tried various combinations of "Force System Break", including inserting some with hidden barlines, but haven't found a solution.

It isn't an issue in the NWC Editor or Viewer.  The need is to get a physical page break to a new sheet of paper when printing to paper.

Any way to accomplish this?

I'm most grateful for all ideas ...


General Discussion / NNTP Forum Status?
Is the proprietary NNTP forum down?  I haven't been able to access it for two days, although my newsreader (Comcast with Outlook Express) accesses Usenet forums OK.

Many thanks,