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General Discussion / Recording from midi keyboard

My Casio keyboard is connected to the PC via a USB converter cable.  This works fine, but seems to impose a delay on the incoming notes.  When attempting to record a supplementary part, NWC does not see the note at the time it should appear but ends up inserting spurious rests and ties. I am able to reduce (but not eliminate) this by playing VERY slowly and using cruder resolution parameters, but am wondering whether it might be possible to set up NWC to compensate.  Alternatively - any other ideas?

Many thanks for any suggestions

Andrew S.
User Tools / ADP - Compound Autobeam
Help! - Tried to use this promising little gizmo to get quavers into minim groupls in a cut common passage.  However there was neither any discernible effect on the score, or error message either. 

Anyone got any ideas? Am I being stupid? (Don't all shout at once)

Andrew S.


Highlighted clip ......
General Discussion / Page Throw in Performing parts
When printing out performing parts, it is often important to arrange for a rest bar to coincide with the end of the page (allowing time to turn over).  "Force System Break" can be used to make a rest appear at the end of a line, but unless this just happens to be the last line on the page anyway, it seems to be necessary to cut and paste into Word or something to shorten the page (v. tedious and needs to be redone every time you edit something).

As a minimum solution, what is the chance of including a "Force Page Throw" as a bar-line option to remedy this? ... or have I missed something?

Andrew S.
General Discussion / Writing user scripts

Is there any tutorial/documentation on this subject or is it a matter of deducing stuff from the various PHP examples?  Any info very welcome!

Andrew S.
General Discussion / Triplet notation in imported MIDI
When importing MIDI there seems to be a problem with triplets.  e.g: quaver triplets seem always to be interpreted as dotted semiquavers.  Anyone know any way round this (apart from doing it the hard way)?
General Discussion / Auditing accidentals
When editing imported MIDI files to make performing scores, it is sometimes necessary to impose a new key signature (without transposing notes).  An example would be a piece of music with no key signature (C major), which indicates A's as A#.  Probably these should have been notated as Bflat and the correct solution would be to place a key signature of F major at the beginning and use "Audit Enharmonics" to remove the spurious sharps.  A problem arises however if any un-flattened B's were present since (accidentals in the key of F) now become unintentionally flattened.

Maybe I am missing something, but if not, a User Script to locate and apply natural signs to all such notes would seem to be the answer.  Wish I were better at PHP!

Anyone got any better ideas?

Andrew Shepperd
General Discussion / Selecting a melody line
When arranging existing Noteworthy scores for another combination of instruments (e.g: piano to String Quartet) it is often necessary to extract an existing melodic/harmonic line from chords. These notes may subsequently be moved or combined with another staff.

Where notes are chord members this is a fairly tedious job and I just wonder whether there is another approach.  Does a better mechanism exist or is one planned? 

Andrew S.