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General Discussion / Invalid instrument tree
I am having problems with instruments, using NWC V 2.1

Opening the “instrument” window with keyboard “I” and then “predetermined instruments”  shows an empty window and the message 
“Instrument Tree - Invalid instrument tree”

In the itrees folder in the NWC 2.1 folder are a  number of itrees including some copied over from NWC 2.0, where they work OK.
In NWC 2.1, I cannot select an instrument for play back

I have tried everything I can think of including re-installing NWC 2.1 with no solution.

When it comes to playing an existing composition with NWC 2.1, everything works normally, with the correct insruments in orchestral pieces for example.  But the Instrument window still shows "Invalid instrument tree"

General Discussion / Sound Font Bank Manager and Windows 7
I have recently started with a new PC with Windows 7, using my previous Creative Audigy sound card.
Even with the alleged latest drivers the Sound Font Bank Manager will not nstall and I cannot use my favoured Organ sound fonts.
As usual it seems impossible to contact anyone at Creative.

General Discussion / That Toccata
Widor’s “Toccata” is a popular choice of music for weddings, in the UK at least.
However, there are two small problems if it is chosen.
1)   it is a little too long for the average wedding procession, and the organist is left wondering how to come to a dignified finale.
2)   For the not so expert player there are rather too many notes in the upper register, mostly for the right hand but switching at intervals to the left hand.

I am surprised that no enterprising publisher has produced a simplified version for amateur organists of lesser competence!

General Discussion / Difficult Widor
It is said that Widor’s favourite piece was his “Andante sustenuto “ from his “Symphonie Gothique” Op 7
I have transcribed this and played it, using NWC2

I have come to the conclusion that Widor used too many notes and that not all of them were useful !! 

The piece is an acquired taste.

In parts it is not easy to notate within the constraints of NWC2. In bar 25 I could not replicate Widor’s writing as shown in the Hamelle score, no matter how I manipulated two staffs.

General Discussion / NWC 2 Latest Version
What is the latest version of NWC 2?
When I access Noteworthy Softare from my NWC2 Help icon, I am told thatI have the latest version, but when I try to open some recent items from the Scriptorium I am told that it requires a later version - 2.5?

General Discussion / Why do you use Noteworthy?
There must be any number of reasons why people adopt Noteworthy.
 In my case. Although I  have produced professional quality scores for a local choral society from difficult to read hand written originals, I use the program for my own amusement.
I would have very much liked to become a first class organ player, but for various reasons this has not been my fortune.  Using Noteworthy I can transcribe complex organ works and eventually “play” them, using a decent speaker system and a good quality sound card and sound font. I get an esoteric pleasure from listening to “my” playing!
As an example of what an old fellow of 88 years can produce, have a look at my Boellmann “Suite Gothique” in the Scriptorium, transcribed entirely by hand with no score reading software.

General Discussion / NWC2 Update
I have had to replace a hard drive on my PC. It contained my copy of NWC2
I installed NWC2 from a back up disk I made some time ago. It is version NEWC2. I have tried to update to NWC version 2.1 but the sytem wants an ID that I do not have.
I have my original NWC1 disk dated December 2002 How can I get back to NWC 2.1?

General Discussion / A problem with Widor.
Widor’s Toccata from his Fifth organ symphony is well known and has been put into the Scriptorium by Richard Woodroffe. The other four parts of the symphony are less well known and rarely performed.

I am attempting to put these onto Noteworthy but have run up against a problem with Widor’s composing. 

In a number of places there are many quick runs of notes which can only be fitted into the beat if they are played as sets of triplets, (although they are not so marked in  his score).

 But elsewhere I have 5 notes in a bar which if played as scored require 5 rather than 4 beats

There are an eighth note and two sixteenth beamed together and two eighth notes beamed together. Logically the first three notes are played as a triplet but Noteworthy will not allow this. Is there some sort of ‘work around’ to get round this problem .  .

General Discussion / Staff won't layer!
I have found an unusual quirk when resurrecting some unfinished NWC files of some years back.
These files have two staffs each for both the "right hand" and "left hand" parts, but when "layer with next staff"is selected, although the check mark shows as a tick,  nothing happens. The two staffs remain steadfastly independent.
This does not particularly concern me as I am rewriting most of the material, but I do wonder why it happens.

General Discussion / Opening NWC BAK files
This is a subject which I am sure has been aired more than once, but I cannot find it by Searching the forum
I want to open a BAk file but NWC says it does not recognise the file type BAK - although NWC created it

General Discussion / Organ Scores
        I have referred in another post to problems with writing Organ music with Noteworthy. Another thing which has caused me to think is the creation of a typical start to a  3 staff organ score – right hand, left hand, pedals.  Usually this consists of a bracket  between the top two staffs with the word Manual centred on the left hand side of the bracket. The Pedal staff has the title Pedal on the left hand side.
        I have not been able to duplicate this format with the ‘Manual’ title in the middle of the two staffsand content myself with coupling the Manual staffs as Upper and Lower Grand Staffs and labelling them Manual I and Manual II with the lower staff labelled Pedals,. Fortunately, if a layered staff is involved this requires no staff label.

General Discussion / Organ Music
      Using Noteworthy for the production of organ scores has its own little quirks, but there is also a problem with playing organ music using Noteworthy.
      One can select, say, "Organ > Church Organ", from the General Midi but this sound font has its limitations.
     Whilst there are a number of good Organ sound fonts, such as Jeux and Stefan’s Cathedral Organ and these have good ranges of stops ,there are of necessity limited numbers of combinations of stops, such as  “Salicional 8, Gamba 8”
   How to accommodate other combinations with Noteworthy requires some work-arounds.  One is to create a number of identical staffs and to use several of these for each individual available stop or combination that you wish to use- rather like scoring for an orchestra. But there may be an easier way!  
   I imagine that it is possible to create additional sound font channels using the existing individual stop data  but this is beyond my capabilities!

General Discussion / How Old are You?
At the age of 88 and to be 89 in November, I may be the oldest active user of Noteworthy Composer - though not a frequent user.
Any challengers?

General Discussion / Problem with a chord
Having not used NWC2 for some time, I have a problem!
I want to create a chord which has 2 dotted notes with downward facing stems and a single note of the same value but not dotted, with an upward stem  

Inserting the undotted note first and then inserting a second dotted note with the opposite stem direction works OK, but when I want to add a second similar note, the program won’t let me.  What is the answer?

General Discussion / Looking for a Music Library
Before my PC breakdown I had a link to an internet site (American ? ) which offered a whole range of music in free download form and often as Midi or NWC files.
But I cannot remember the name of the site, which was unusual enough that I should have remembered it

General Discussion / Notes not sounding
After various PC problems I have been reloading various programs including NWC2.
I am now notating a piece of organ music. When I Play what I have entered I find that the notes below the lower line on the top stave do not sound. This occurs even if I change the sound font., but it does not seem to happen with other pieces I have notated previously. I am at a loss.

General Discussion / Noteworthy Version
I have had to re-nstall Noteworthy 2 after a PC re-build.  The version is now shown as
Is this the latest version?

General Discussion / Antonin Reicha - Te Deum
This topic is a little off beat!
Antonin Reicha (Rejcha) was a now little known composer, tutor to famous composers, and a friend of Beethoven. He produced what  I believe is a first rate piece of music, a Te Deum, which is virtually unknown.  It has never been performed in Britain as far as I can ascertain and was performed for the first time in the USA in 2004. There is one recording made fairly recently but now seemingly  unobtainable.   
To get an idea of this work, look at Richard Woodroffe's transcription in the Scriptorium; it is worth at least downloading and listening to the first movement   Reitedeum.1 nwc
Tell me if you are not impressed!

General Discussion / Identifying music
Can anyone remind me of the program that allows one to identify music from the sequence of the first notes, whether they are of the same pitch or go up or down?
I had such a program on my PC but have lost it.

General Discussion / Short length hidden staves.
I am sure this has been raised before, but I cannot track down the subject.  Sometimes I want to add a hidden staff for only a few bars, where there is a tricky bit of notation, perhaps involving chords and rests or the like. But I have to fill in the whole of the hidden staff with rests, just to create a few bars. Is there a work around?

General Discussion / Too much staccato
I have been notating an organ piece which has a lot of runs marked as 'staccato'   But when played back in NWC the staccato effect is too pronounced. Because of the action of a pipe organ and the way in which notes are sounded, staccato is generally somewhat muted. whereas the play back, using an organ soundfont, is quite harsh.  Not having found a way of modifying the NWC instruction, I have  resorted to creating two staffs, one with staccato and one without,  The relative dynamic levels of these can be adjusted to create a satisfying degree of staccato, but I believe that if I layer the staffs, I cannot have two differing dynamics.

Is there a simpler or a more sophisticated way of doing what I want?

General Discussion / A Source for Scores
An excellent site for free download of scores is the Icking Archive. There is a very comprehensive list of composers, though I cannot guarantee that what you want is there!

Ther are different versions of he score, depending on the score selected, such as a pdf score, and  sometimes listen an MP3 recording or a Finale Notation version (which requires the free "Notepad for Finale" to play it)

General Discussion / Can't fit the notes in the bar!
I have had a sudden mental blockage!

In a single bar I have two notes with downward facing staffs, both minims (half notes). There are also three notes with upward facing staffs. a dotted minim and two quavers (eighth notes)  Can I insert these and preserve the correct bar length without using layering?  I don't want to use a single layered staff in a 9 page score!

General Discussion / Weird sounds
In the NWC Scriptorium are many works, covering a wide range of interests. What one likes, another may find uninteresting. But I am intrigued by Jay Hamilton's "Therapy"   Has anyone else listened to this?

General Discussion / Hymn won't play back except with General MIDI
I have a hymn setting in NWC2 format, acquired some long time ago.
It will play with Microsoft GM Wavetable synth selected as the playback device, but is silent if I select my Creative Soundfont synth, no matter which voice I select. Other songs adapt happily, playing in whichever Organ voice I select.
Is it possible for a NWC song to be "coded" so as to be unalterable?
By the way I checked and do have the gm dls file in System 32 drivers

General Discussion / "Open Files"
I have not used Noteworthy for a little while and have had to rehearse a number of instinctive actions. but I have no yet solved a very simple problem.
When I open Noteworthy and click on 'Open' to obtain an existing music file, it always opens in 'Samples'
But when I use Noteworthy2 it always opens up the 'itrees' folder
There must be a very simple way of making it open to 'My Music' - where i keep my NWC music files - the default action. But how do I do this?

General Discussion / Latest update to NWC2
Having downloaded the latest up date to NWC2 it will not install; instead I get a message claiming that NWC2 is not installed on my PC. However, NWC2 is running perfectly well on my PC.
I have reinstalled NWC on to my drive but still get the same message, that it is either not installed or has been altered in some way. The only alterations have been the official updates.
General Discussion / Greetings
The forums ( fora?) have gone very quiet!  May I take the opportunity to wish all Noteworthy users, of every race and creed, the best of things at this happy season and for 2007?

General Discussion / Accessing Notewothy
Suddenly, if I open the Help file in NWC2 and look for Access Noteworthy Software I am informed that the file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. It tells me to create an association in the  Folder Options in  Control panel. In Folder Options there are listed NWC files and NWC Itree files.  I have NWC to open with NWC2, and NWCItree opens with Wordpad.  
What more should I be doing
Where is the .php file that seems to be missing?
Why is this happening now after the latest update to NWC2?

Version 1.75 Discussion / NWCV15 has gone missing
When I open up NWC and select a song the staves appear but no notes or symbols. Looking in Wondows>Fonts the folder NWCV15  appears to be empty.   I looked into the original Noteworthy CD and recopied the NWCV15 folder into the Wondows Fonts folder with no different result and when I open the NWCV15 folder in the Noteworthy disc I again get a blank screen.

Wat is going on?

Instrument Trees / new itrees
I have aparticular interest in organ music and have downloaded several organ sound fonts. and installed them in  my Audigy sound card.
Although the Audigy Sound Font Bank Manager displays the contents of each sound font with in this case the Stop name for each file, I have not yet found an easy way of automatically
 copying these lists into the form required to construct an itree ( or a NWCPatch for the original Noteworthy)  In the case of Stefan's Cathedral Organ font this would  involve a considerable amount of tedious manual copying.
It occurred to me that others may wish to take advantage of my efforts.  I have itrees now for
jeux ( available already through the site)
Stefan's Cathedral Organ( "" "" )
jeux d'orgues
jeux d'orgues2
english organ v102
cinema organ v102

General Discussion / Score Size
On my NWC program adjustment of the printing size for getting a neat printed score involved opening the Tools>Options window and adjusting " Staff Size (in points) "
 Alas, in NWC2 , I have not yet worked put how to do this. It is almost certainly something quite simple, but----.

General Discussion / Human Voices
There are a number of synthetic simulations of the human voice in various sound fonts - Chorus Ooh's for example - but none of them sound realistic to me. Is there some font somewhere which can be used to provide good SATB for replay of things like Messiah choruses?

General Discussion / Problems with NTWPATCH
I have recently had a major overhaul of my PC and re-installed NWC and NWC2. I use a Soundblaster Live sound card. As part of the re-installation I am adding some organ sound fonts with the Creative Audio system. I have created an addition to the NTWPATCH for the "jeuxdorgues" sound font in this form:- 

Grand plein jeu=
G.P.jeu + Anches=
Plein jeu=
Grand jeu=
Cornet (II)=
Gambe douce (II)=
Fonds doux=
Voix humaine=

and the jeuxdorgues is added to the list at the head of the patch.

However when I open the Instrument window in NWC and select the 'jeudorgues', the window shows no Stop names but only numbers in the form [1] For the native Instrument lists the names are shown as in the NTWPATCH.

It all worked perfectly well previously!

Any comments, please?

General Discussion / Partial layering
I frequently find that I need to provide a layer for a relatively small part of a piece where the standard notation causes problems. is it possible to provide a layered staff for, say bars 25-22 only, or is this asking too much of the program?