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General Discussion / Possible bug with Wing Dings font?
I just love using Wing Dings font!

However, I just discovered that with the  Marcato sign, it works well only when the note stem points downwards.  It does not work well when the note stem is pointing upwards.

Is there a workaround?  (Mind you, I can live with it!)

Thank you

User Tools / Updating User tools
While NWC has an in-built mechanism to update user tools that have been changed by the author, does this also download user tools that  (inadvertently) have not been downloaded and installed by the user?

If not, how can this be done short of checking the list one by one with what is on the site?  This may also be an idea for a new user tool (wish, wish ...)

Thank you,
General Discussion / Strange music typeface
I am in the process of transcribing a piece of music into Noteworthy Composer.  It is a Te Deum, by an obscure Victorian composer that was written round about 1849 for a particular event.

The score that I have is PRINTED in some strange music font which, however, does not actually look unpleasant at all.  It looks quaint. The minims ALL face to the left, even when they are on the middle line (B or D, depending on the clef) and above.  At the end, the music ends in a squiggle. There is also the word “sym:” at places where the voices rest for a bar or two – which I could not find out what it means.

I was wondering what sort of typeface it is and if there are music fonts that reproduce this typeface.  They would look nice if used on music from that era.

My grandfather was a drum major in the British army and he used to copy parts for the band (fo ha’penny per page, go figure!).  I still remember seeing some of the music that he had copied  using that convention for minims and also ending the lines with a squiggle.

An takes  on this?  (See attached)
General Discussion / Spacing between lyric lines - Revisited
Is there any way to increase the spacing between lyric lines?  The only previous discussion that I found on the boards was from 18 years ago and further back in time.  NWC has evolved since then and maybe something new has come up which I am not aware of.  Work-arounds with layering or using alternate lines are not quite suitable IMHO.
General Discussion / Lyric line spacing
Is there a way to alter the spaces between lyric lines? 

This would surely be a useful option for printouts if it is not there already (and I cannot see it)
General Discussion / Audit Note Stems
Is there a shortcut/keyboard combination to run /tools/Audit/Audit Note Stems  (or any of the other Audit functions for that matter) ?  This is a frequently used function and it would be quite convenient to have it as a button in the menu.
General Discussion / Getting to grips with the new features in 2.5
Version 2.5 looks like it is a great leap forward in quality. 

Certain features, such as the dotted barline and the special endings features,  are easy enough to understand how and when they should be used.

Others need more experimenting with.  I understand the use and mechanics of the MMRs, but still have to get to grips to fully understand the functions and use of the associated check-boxes in the same dialogue box.

As for spacers and boundry changes - well, I don't understand when they should be use at all, let alone how they should be implemented.  I am completely at a loss here.

I tried to look at Rick's "Hyfrydol" example to have a look at what he has done so as to learn something but I found myself even more confused (maybe I was not supposed to look under the hood).  But the print preview looks fantastic - nothing short of perfect - and I want to learn how to do that too!

It would be wonderful if someone would explain, with some illustrations or simple examples, the effects and benefits of these new features.  One of the reasons why I have been a loyal nwc user is it's simplicity and the fact that I knew how to use it inside out.  Now I feel a bit like a fish out of the water, not knowing where to start with these new features.

Any takers here for this one ?
General Discussion / Expression Placement and Visibility tabs
When adding items from (say) the INSERT menu, the Expression Placement and Visibility tabs do not appear first time round.  One has to place the item on screen and then access the item once more to edit it for these two option tabs to appear and become available.  Examples would be when emtering a Text Expression (X) or Performance Style (P) amongst others.

It would be nice if these two tabs appear first time round one is inputting the items as generally one would know whether one wants the item to be, for example, visible or not.  This would save time in entering music.

Perhaps there is a workaround that I am missing ...
General Discussion / Cue notes
Can anyone suggest a way of inserting cue-notes (smaller size notes) in a nwc score ?  I tried changing note-heads as an alternative but these do not appear to indicate note duration (minims vs crotchets).  Coloured notes would do fine but I do not have access to a colour printer.  Is there a workaround that I am missing ?

General Discussion / Request: Visiblility check box in Lyrics lines tabs
It would be nice if one would be able to switch on/off a selection of lyric lines.  The need arises when one would want to print lyrics in different languages (eg: Latin/English) but would not like to have multiple redundant lines and would like to keep all lyrics in the same music files.

A simple check-box (Visibility: on/off) in each lyric-line page would be enough.
General Discussion / Viewer for NWC version 2
I am using nwc ver 2. I need to have some colleagues look at/listen to the music I produce.

The download page for NWC Viewer indicates that the viewer is suitable for ver. 1.75.  Is this the case ?  Is there a viewer for files produced by NWC ver. 2 ?  If so, where is the URL.