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General Discussion / Printing solo line over piano
Is it possible to have multiple fonts on one page, in order to accomplish this a bit more concisely?  IOW, I want to have the solo line in 10pt and the piano in 16pt, or whatever specific combination works best.  Obviously, the bars would still need to align.   It doesn't look like that is possible, but I would like to be sure. 

Thanks much!
General Discussion / Re: I've had it!
OK, so I have come back to read this thread.

I'm still not convinced.  I've had fun doing really, really basic things with NWC.  I can't get the stupid fonts to load, no matter what I try, how I try to import them, or if they ARE loaded they don't work.

I wish the mother software would simply incorporate these things in a new version.  That may convince me to keep using it, and not go to one of the biggies.   Actually, I've already gone there, a trial version of Sibelius, and my wife has a bare bones of Finale which is MUCH easier to use than NWC.  Much more powerful for my purposes--mainly, parts and score writing, and quick.  Even the bare bones does it better.  And, not that much more expensive.

Ok...thanks, everyone. 
General Discussion / I've had it!

funny how I keep coming back to the same topics.

I tried installing fonts; THEY DIDN"T WORK.  It wasted a lot of time.  Maybe I don't know how to install fonts and make them usable, maybe I'm simply an idiot.  Believe me, I'm no idiot, but none of the fonts ever work for me (the things for the rests, for swing, for anything.)

I've about had it with NWC.  Yes, I think the Dark Side is beckoning.  A notation package that doesn't need tricks and secret handshakes to do what really are BASIC notation elements. 

And, yes, I know that multi-bar rests have been addressed in the latest version.  WHY DID IT TAKE 14 YEARS???  Why can't I notate and hear a trill without having to bend over and spread 'em?

I love this little package for real basic things, but it's to the point that I   1) am not doing as much writing as I used to 2)have less time to fuck around with this stupid package, try to make something work, and finally give up and either find a workaround or simply print it and manually write something in.

I'm no idiot, but I'm no geek either.  Finale has been able to do everything I want, aside from OCR.  I think I'm going that way.  I certainly got my money's worth from buying this package (actually TWICE, I lost my original floppy and all the information, and no one seemed to be able to help me with my authorization codes etc), but it's just not happening any more.
Tips & Tricks / Multi Bar Rests
OK...for a couple of years I've read all the tips and tricks on how to do this.  None of them have made any sense, with using different fonts from some magical fontland, special downloads of tools, and I dunno what else has been involved.  Tonight I finally found something that made sense, and after a bit of tinkering, this finally works for me.

1.  Write the rests as single measures with bar lines and all that normal notation in the staff stuff.

2.  Select the range of measures, except the front of the first measure and the back of the last measure.
        2a.  Right click on the highlighted bars, select PROPERTIES>Visibility>show on printed page>NEVER.

3.  Click to insert text just after the first bar line.
        3a. Type [==xy==] (xy being the number of bars of rest)
         3b.  set placement as 1 centered as staff signature PRESERVE WIDTH
         3c.  use a font bigger and bolder than the rest of your notation.  

Nothing to it, aside from having to go back on this long-term project and redo all the rests.  None of the special, supersecret, magical downloads of potions and spells to make something happen.  

I hope this helps someone else.

General Discussion / Multi-bar rests
I've seen reference to a macro by Kjeld Hansen, but can't find it.  One post said from the start of a line, Alt+F8 then U.  That gives me the user tools all right, but no multi bar tool.

I'm not a frequent user any more, I hope to get back to doing more writing soon.  And, I'm not much of a geek when it comes to working with anything other than the basic packages. 

How can I add  multi-bar rests without the old, original, effective but tedious workaround?


User Tools / Re: Getting started with NWC2 User Tools
So...I'm trying to download the User Tools, v1.21, and it tells me my NWC is either not installed or has been altered since installation. 
Duh...I've kept up with the updates to the 2.x beta.

It's not a Firefox issue, I've tried IE and Firefox both.  Is there something else I'm missing somewhere??