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Announcements / Re: NoteWorthy Composer 2.1 Now Available
I managed to follow the instructions quite well, reinstalled NWC2 and installed NWC2.1. I like the enhancements, though it took a while to find my way around the redesigned toolbars.  But why have I lost my playback sound? Surely a re-installation should have included MIDI device, drivers etc.  As I do a lot of arrangements, this loss of sound seriously inconveniences me.  Does Noteworthy have a help desk for things like this?   -

(Before anyone asks, I have checked volume controls both within the application and in the control panel, I do have two MIDI programs available for use, I have tried (unsuccesfully) to diagnose the problem with DriverDetective and I have uninstalled all other applications using sound devices..   And I am slowly going mad!)
General Discussion / Re: LOSS OF SOUND
Thanks for all the suggestions.  I have now tried them all, including re-installing and upgrading to NWC2.1, but still a deathly silence.  Ihave uninstalled Windows Media Plyaer; is there any other application which might be interfering with NWC's use of the MIDI device?
General Discussion / LOSS OF SOUND
I have suddenly lost my playback sound. It doesn't affect any other program, so volume controls etc are all OK. I have also downloaded an up-to-date driver.  When I check the Midi tab in the Tools menu, I am told that it can't open the device 'GS Wavetable SW Synth'.  I cannot see any way in which I can install an alternative device such as MS Midi Mapper. Can anyone help please?