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Tips & Tricks / Re: Metronome
G'day DG,
I should apologise.  I assumed you had a greater familiarity with the software than I now realise you had.

A blow by blow description would take quite a while to to do, however, if there is sufficient demand I will attempt to create a document to cover this.  Expect 10 to 15 pages (I think) if this goes ahead, but it can't possibly happen any time soon.

It wouldn't feel right to ask you to write 15 pages of notes. I know I wouldn't have to time even if I could.
I'll give NWC a try and if I'm really stuck in something I'll ask in here.

Thanks for everything.
Tips & Tricks / Re: Metronome
In Page Setup, Contents, you select which staffs will be visible in the editor.  The visible ones are the ones that print.

Just make sure there's no X beside the metronome staff in the Contents window.  It won't be visible in the editor, and it won't print.

Hi David!

Thanks for your input. It seems I have to buy NWC to go any further at this point.

Tips & Tricks / Re: Metronome
Hello Lawrie,

Thanks for your kind response. After trying this for about 30 min, I realize that you telling me what to do, but not how to do it.


I finally got somewhere, I found a "tempo" file (perhaps you meant "rhythm" file) from one of your previous post, to dowload.
I see the staff and hear the clicks, but I'm wondering:

Will this staff be printed as well on my piano sheet?

Tips & Tricks / Metronome
Hello all,

I've looked up this music writer and it looks promising. Is there an audible metronome for song recording?

I play keyboard in a band and I need to create sheets of music quickly. Although I understand that I will have some editing to do;
I want to write most of the song in real time, via midi, then edit it later. But in order to do this I need an audible metronome for obvious

Is this the right software?

Any input would be appreciated,