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User Tools / Re: NWC to MusicXML converter
I just found this and used it for the first time. It worked great for my 4-part  barbershop chart! I wish it could capture the tempo variations I encode in the rhythm staff or with breath marks and fermatas.
User Tools / Re: Change Clef
Select a range of measures or an entire staff. I make sure that all the measures I've selected are pre-filled with 8 eighth notes. Also, the front of your selection must include a tempo indicator and a time signature - I always use common time.

The percentage is how much of the beat is allocated to the first eighth note n a pair. 66.7% would be pure triiplet, a very hard swing. 50% would mean no swing at all, just straight eighths. Classic American swing is about 60%.
Tips & Tricks / Re: Measure numbers
I tried this, but I was unhappy with the way the measure numbers came out directly above the first chord of the measure.

To fix it, I prefaced each invisible quarter note with an invisible flatted grace note, with an extra accidental spacing of 2. In lyrics configuration, set the Align Syllable to Start of Accidental/Note. The measure number then outdents from the start of the first real chord in the measure.
User Tools / Re: Change Clef
I just downloaded the tool, and it's another gem for me! I do barbershop arranging, which prints out with two voices in the bass clef and two in the treble clef, shifted down an octave. But to examine my harmonies, it's good to be able to put all 4 voices layered in a common staff. I was doing it before, but painfully. Now it's a snap.

By the way, your SwingIt tempo tool is also invaluable to me. Without it, I couldn't generate playback that actually simulates the real thing. Bravo!