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The anchor is just an annoying presence I just wish weren't there.....what I'm really trying to do is erase the text-letter (chord name) I placed there.  I have moved the cursor up and down the edge of the letter, front and back and tried to delete it from a number of possible positions "on or near" the letter and anchor and nothing just keeps erasing the notes down below it.  When you try to highlight the letter, it highlights the entire vertical strip from the letter down through the measure below.  How do I isolate the text-letter I inserted.  Example...i want to change the chord from G to C....I seem to not be able to erase the G at all.  I've tried the delete and backspace buttons.  It used to be very simple in 2.5.5
I have some older files which I have opened in the newer version of NWC where I have written just a letter-name of a chord (G or Em) above the staff.  They easily are removed by putting the cursor in front of the letter (at the correct height) and using the backspace.  Newer files, however show an anchor icon in front of every letter which I can't seem to get rid of, and when I try to erase (backspace, name it, I've tried it) it only erases the music below and not the text.  How do I get rid of this anchor?  Thanks in advance.

Clarification....I understand when I hit the little sunglasses the anchor icon "disappears".....I'm not asking how to make it invisible....I'm asking to get rid of the instruction that goes with it that seems to prevent me from erasing anything up above the staff.  The anchor is obviously some kind of safety or preventative option.
Great....I'll try that.  Thanks for the tip.  Robyn
I'm recording a church hymn (3 verses) for a small group to sing to.  What is the best way to include a natural sounding ritard as the last verse closes out the hymn?
Thank you all for this information....yes the m. numbers are in the print view but only at the beginning of the line.  I never noticed them down in the right corner since I'm usually only working in Noteworthy itself...that'll work just fine!  :) Thanks.
Is there any way to make the measure numbers in Noteworthy show up in the free Noteworthy Player?  It would be helpful when you are trying to communicate info about certain measures to not have to count them out.  You could scroll right to the measure(s) in question.
Thank you for answering this.  I'm going to have to teach myself how to do this....Noteworthy seems to have a lot of hidden capabilities out there.  One question though....since I haven't done it and don't anything about layering....yet.  Does this alter the way the music prints out or is it invisible?  Will I need two versions of the for printing (piano music) and one for playback?  Thanks for your help.
I have a section of piano music where the right hand is playing a melody just below and around middle C......the left hand plays a bass note and crosses over the right hand to play a chord over the top.  It does this repeatedly while the melody remains in this "deeper" sounding area. 

When I play it on the piano live, of course I can bring out the right hand melody and tone down the crossover.  When NWC plays this portion, the crossover voice to the treble is too loud and drowns out the lower melody.  Is there any setting where you can reduce the volume of just one voice, or must the computer treat all voices as equals?

I had thought about creating an additional clef, and doubling the melody to give it heft.  I don't know how to make it invisible, though.
This occurs starting in measure I add another treble clef (a 3rd staff) below the grand staff.....then copy all 51 measures onto it to put it in line with the "real" treble clef?  then how do I select measures 53 - 60 on only the these two trebles simultaneously to make them merge?
I have some piano music which has 2 voices, both on the treble clef.  The upper voice has stems up and the lower voice, stems down.  Since they are 8th notes, when I click the flag icon to connect them all, it only connects the top voice notes and leaves the bottom notes as individual 8th notes.  They are not differing rhythms....the top and bottom are paired up note for note.  I just can't get the flags to connect on both voices.  I don't want them on a single stem.
I have prepared some webpages with links to some music done in NWC.  When I open a page locally using Firefox as the viewer, upon clicking on the link to the NWC music file Firefox keeps giving me this:

"NWC true-type font (nwc2stda.ttf) cannot be found on the system.  Please install the font, then try again"  For some reason it is confusing a .NWC file with some font. 

NWC is my default player for this sort of file, so how do I get Firefox to recognize this?  It does
NOT do this when the page is actually uploaded.  It goes right to NWC.  It only happens when I'm working offline, and use the browser to view pages I'm working on, by clicking FILE/open FILE....and viewing my own folders. I do this all the time to see what they look like before uploading.
My computer crashed in April and I uploaded Noteworthy on a different (but not new) new computer.  I noticed as I hit play, the visual movement of the notes in red is way ahead of the actual sound by a couple of beats.  I never noticed that before.  Is there some setting I have forgotten to put in.  I keep a notebook on programs I have for just this reason, and thought I set it up the way it was on my other computer.  It could be I just never noticed it before.
Thanks you all for the suggestions.  They all work to one degree or the other but since I have an HP laser printer I tried the "print both sides" settings and it worked great.  The only problem was the text.  Each time I change the text size, of course it makes the note size a bit bigger....but that's OK, it fit on a half page.  This particular item is just a single line melody hymn with 3 verses to be included in a memorial booklet during a service, so people can sing.  I also am looking ahead to song booklet for Christmas, so this is great.   Thank you all so much.
General Discussion / forgot the version
I forgot to say I'm using version 1.75c
Is there a way to print music out on a half page in landscape - folded in half like a booklet or basically a hymnal size page.  I want to make some song booklets that are 5.5 wide and 8.5 tall but can't figure this one out without manually cutting and pasting.
Thank you all so much....I will try all these suggestions....I had gotten to the point of trying to "trick" the music by making the half note an 8th....then attempting to tie it through.....but of course it wanted to tie the chords below too....glad to know there's a way.....  ;-)
I have a piece of march music which I'm putting into piano notation.  There are several places where the upper voice is holding a half note while some triplet march chords are played - both on the treble clef.  In the first set of triplets, the first note is silent as the half note above it sounds.....then the remaining 5 triplet chords play.  How can I get a rest under that half note simultaneously so it adds up to a triplet?  Until I do....the right hand triplets are not lined up with those that appear in the left hand....

Here's the old music - 1863 - and that's an old-fashioned quarter rest...looks like a backwards 8th rest...

Thanks for the quick response....I didn't know about the viewer....sort of like making pdf files?   Some of us have the whole program and some just the viewer, yes?  I will visit that link and include the viewer on the disk I send.  This makes it all much easier.  Thank you so much...what a great forum...why haven't I been here before!!!  I started cruising around it last night....and learned ALL KINDS of stuff on the NWC program which I didn't know....and aren't in the little manual.
I've never used this forum, so forgive me if this has been answered before.  I want to type the piano score of an old piece of sheet music (1863) as it was written back then.  I have 1.75b so the grace notes appear and sound's an old Schottiche (German Round Dance).  I also need to to print this score and provide a disk so it can be listened to.  I don't have any complicated software for making wav files and all that....I just want to make a midi file they can hear on their computers at home, while looking at the sheet music.

What I'm curious about is why after all my labor and work of copying it meticulously as it was written, it only appears that way in NWC.  The minute I save it as a midi file and view the does all kinds of weird things with the printed music:
A 3rd line appears belows the piano music that apparently becomes the tempo marking, it removes all of the pickup notes in 4-4 time and changes them to 1-4 for that one note and creates a new time signature of 3-4 to make up the difference....only to revert back to 4-4, grace notes are forced onto the stem with other note values.....just lots of little weird changes.  If someone were to open that midi file and view it...they would be convinced I had no idea how to correctly write musical notation...and yet it "sounds" very close to correct....the forced value to the grace note throws it a bit off with the left hand, but gets through it.  Why isn't the midi "version" a note-for-note (and everything else) visual copy of the original?