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2015-07-04_134135.jpg 557 Re: Triplet Brackets
3-voice_chord_demo.nwc 668 Re: Entering three note chords with individually timed notes
bach example.jpg 689 Re: The awkwardness of polyphony
bach example.nwc 467 Re: The awkwardness of polyphony
beamed notes.nwc 374 Re: Beamed notes
beta16_A.nwc 1,222 Re: NoteWorthy Composer 2.1 Beta 16
beta16_B.nwc 1,236 Re: NoteWorthy Composer 2.1 Beta 16
cirrus6.nwc 296 play not cutting off at the end of the staff (possible bug?)
crossed voices.nwc 385 extra note spacing
descant.nwc 358 Re: Some questions regarding lyrics...
dotted_barlines.gif 647 Re: new barline type?
dotted_tie.nwc 351 Re: Extra Notes for extra lyrics
double_beaming.nwc 243 Re: Help with beaming notes with different stem directions
dual-accidental-example.nwc 327 Re: multiduration chord buglet
fbMIDI2.nwc 362 Re: Can't save MIDI
Frescobaldi.jpg 1,076 Re: How do you call this rhythm indication in some music scores?
GapDemo.nwc 245 Re: Indenting the staff.
Goetschius.pdf 776 Re: Default stem directions
grace note slur.nwc 432 Re: Very small problem with grace notes
intervals.nwc 292 Re: Make chord symbols sound
lead_sheet_symbols.nwc 297 Re: Make chord symbols sound
Lida Rose.nwc 274 Re: G and G# together?
mary.nwc 326 Re: Improvements I'd like to see
MMR cursor problem.jpg 822 Re: Forcing line break under collapsed staff.
multi-duration_buglet.nwc 376 multiduration chord buglet
needhelpbeaming2.nwc 299 Re: Quintuplet Problem
nwc_feathered_beam.nwc 236 Re: Graduated beaming
ochtendgymnastiek.nwc 271 Re: Could somebody help me to notate from an audio file?
offset dots.nwc 610 Re: Note positioning bug
papillon_B&W.nwc 399 Re: polymetric music?
pierrot.pdf 422 Re: Rehearsal letters?
quintuplet_example.nwc 395 Re: Tuplets
sharp&natural.nwc 304 Re: G and G# together?
sharp&natural2.nwc 261 Re: G and G# together?
SILENT.NWC 333 Re: Merry Christmas
tablature.nwc 279 Re: guitar tablature notation
three voices.nwc 254 Re: How do I enter close harmony with notes on different beats?
Topic 8818 rg01a.nwc 422 Re: polymetric music?
Topic 8818 rg01b.nwc 388 Re: polymetric music?
topic7073.nwc 256 Re: simultaneous different time signatures
topic7075.nwc 343 Re: How can I avoid to type many oe's and ooh's instead of a line after one oe/ooh
two_voice_colors.nwc 958 Re: NoteWorthy Composer 2.1 Beta 13