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Attachments - Rick G.

Filename   Downloads Message Posted
12_Days.nwc 627 Re: A quick Question
Accent_Placement.png 1,335 Re: Accent Placement
accidental.gif 800 Accidental placement (Beta 2.14)
accidental01.gif 759 Re: Accidental placement (Beta 2.14)
AdminReq.png 1,188 Admin Required to change User Tool Settings
Audit1.vbs.txt 611 Re: Keep accidental on tied grace on main note when audit accidentals
BarNumber.nwc 3,563 NumberBars.vbs - add rehearsal numbers
Barzillain_Lew_kbd_18.nwc 1,305 Re: Silly notation
beam.gif 1,214 Re: Beta 2.12 barline causes note misalignment
BeamExample1.nwc 551 Re: Beam angle descrepancy (Beta 2.21)
Beta2x14.gif 997 Re: NWC2 Beta 2.20 is now available
Beta2x1b.nwc 1,730 Re: NWC2 Beta 2.27 is now available
Bizet 02b.nwc 410 Re: Dedication information
BlankSpaceDemo1.nwc 483 Re: Break for Coda
Bless_This_House_excerpt.nwc 521 Re: Entering an arpeggio semiquaver?
Bohemian Rhapsody (snippet).png 1,182 Re: Uneven ladder...
Canon_solo_snippet.png 852 Re: Printing
Cant_Take_My_Eyes_Off_of_You.png 1,593 Re: Silly notation
Carol.png 2,437 Using MIDI files that lack Key and/or Time Signatures
Carol_00.nwc 1,204 Using MIDI files that lack Key and/or Time Signatures
Caro_Mio_Ben_v2rg.nwc 449 Re: Newbie question... bar lines alignment
Caro_Mio_Ben_v2rg02.nwc 438 Re: Newbie question... bar lines alignment
CHO_B-5-RG-first4bars.nwc 916 Re: swinging notes
Clipboard01.gif 710 Re: Problem wth slur
Coda.png 928 Re: Issue with a coda and key change
Colored_Beams_01.gif 813 Re: Coloring Beamed Highlighted Notes
Colored_Beams_01.nwc 532 Re: Coloring Beamed Highlighted Notes
Colored_Beams_02.nwc 541 Re: Coloring Beamed Highlighted Notes
Connecting_Barlines_01.nwc 633 Re: Bar lines through all staves
Connecting_Barlines_02.nwc 667 Re: Bar lines through all staves
CrossVoice.nwc 514 Re: Choir Music
CrossVoice.png 754 Re: Choir Music
Danny Boy.nwc 606 MarkupPage.rg
Default_Volume_01.nwc 566 Re: suggestion re MPCs and initial staff settings
Dotted_Tie.png 899 Re: Extra Notes for extra lyrics
dotted_tie_01.nwc 564 Re: Extra Notes for extra lyrics
durations rg01.nwc 409 Re: Comments about default notes, tenuto, staccato
durations rg01.nwc 628 Re: Wrong math?
Experiment23aX1.nwc 489 Re: Problem ocurring with key changes
exptest.nwc 524 Re: NWC2 Dynamic Variance
fbMIDI.nwc 532 Re: Can't save MIDI
Figured Bass rg01.png 906 OT: Meaning of parentheses in figured bass?
Find_Help_Button.png 796 Help Button on Find Popup is missing
FlowFix.nwc 485 Re: Trouble with note tied into 1st ending but not 2nd
Flumys_Flow.nwc 639 Re: Repetita juvant
FontDialog.png 1,039 Re: NWC 1.75C 514 Re: Boxmarks Questions
F_Clef.nwc 515 Re: clef positions
Gershwin_excerpt.nwc 558 Re: Need help with writing something in Rhapsody In Blue
Hidden_Rests.png 922 Hidden Rest anomalies