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Whole rests, may I request a user tool?

Noteworthy is probably preferred so much by us all because it's easy to use and very efficient, however I find that I waste a lot of time, when working with large scores, copy and pasting measures and measures of nothing but rests so that the orchestra can catch up to where I am.  For example, I'm working with a 24 part orchestra but there is a secion where I only have a quartet playing, for say 16 measures, I'm ready to go in and use everyone else now but before I can do that I have to go copy and paste 16 measures of whole rests 20 times!  Would anyone mind making me a user tool that would auto fill the empty spaces, can it be done?

Re: Whole rests, may I request a user tool?

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<this tool> might help.
A side use is to add no text or key. This will result in a staff with just invisble rests and barlines.
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Re: Whole rests, may I request a user tool?

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I haven't yet grown accustomed to user tools, but I don't find it terribly difficult to make a long series of whole rests and bar lines. 

Just create a rest and a bar line, highlight them, press {Control-C} {End}  {Control-V} and just hold {Control-V} down - unless your computer is v-e-r-y slow, you'll have more than enough whole rests in no time at all.  If you need to insert notes somewhere along the way, just go to that bar and start notating.  You can always truncate the surplus rests to the right of your insertion point in 4 or 5 keystrokes.

If you want to use the multibar rest sign, you can download Multibar_rests.nwc from the Scriptorium at  These have the rests and sign for several  different length rests.